Hi all,

Just wondering what happens to you guys if you eat chocolate and how long after do you feel the effect if at all? Do you feel more dizzy, more fog or does it just give you a cracking headache or other body aches as well?

Thanks … Scott

Well, it used to feel just fine . . . however, my days as a chocolate-lover were also the days when I experienced moments of dissociation once or twice a month. Ending chocolate intake (& other caffeine, but choc was my main choice) seems to be what ended that years-long pattern.

I will often have a mild headache about a half hour after eating chocolate. I don’t see a direct relationship between eating chocolate and dizziness. On a positive note it gives me an extra burst of much needed energy (I’m usually caffeine free) so I do cheat from time to time. Kristen

I can get away with eating a kit kat in a day or a flake. Doesnt affect me. If I eat both together for say, two days in a row, I will get a migraine, the migraine usually comes on a day later. I wouldnt say that chocolate is my biggest trigger food.