Chronic Lightheadedness

New to the forum. Just wanted to share my story. I’m a 38 year old male married with 3 children. I’ve been constantly lightheaded for about 11 years some days manageable most days severe. I went to Ent’s and had my heart checked out and had an MRI done awhile ago. Now my only symtomps are the lightheadedness and sometimes if I move my eyes around they feel achey and some neck pain but not always. But I guess after all this now I get really bad anxiety when my lightheadedeness intensefies. Anybody here have the same symtomps ??

Hi Pete -

Wow - 11 years! Yikes. I can’t say I share your symptoms, but I wanted to welcome you to the “club” that we really don’t like to have new members join because this isn’t very pleasant!!

I did have lightheadedness but also episodes of severe dizziness; plus some tunnel vision to make it even more interesting. I also had my heart checked out early in the diagnosis process, eventually an MRI too. I didn’t have a lot of anxiety but many people do experience that, and it’s quite common with MAV.

There are many varieties of this “beast,” and even if there’s nobody posting here with your exact symptoms, we do understand that it’s tough to live with. Because we live with it too!

Take care. Hope you find some good info here - also, maybe you’ll find a little comfort in knowing you don’t have the worst case when you compare yourself to some of the situations you may read about here.

Hi Pete. I share your light headedness. What triggers yours? Mine seems to come out of the blue, but I know for sure anxiety, rainy/humid days, intense exercise, and high visual stimuli scenarios make it worse for me.

I feel lightheaded and spacey most days (probably atleast 5 days) and it often starts sometime between 11 am and 3 pm and last for hours! I wake up feeling better, but I know this is awful. I tend to think it is migraine related as when I was getting a lot of actual headaches last year they would start at the same time. I think for me computers and indoor lighting sets it off…either that or some type of food I am eating…going to try and figure that out!
I also feel bad after flying and when the weather is volatile! I find this to be scary at times as I feel so out of it, like in a dreamstate but I also know that the anxiety that goes along with it just makes it worse. So, I try really hard to enjoy any moments where I feel good. Also to try and be thankful for things I do have rather than focusing on feeling bad. Try to enjoy small things and dont feel guilty for feeling sick, it isnt our fault and we also have to take care of ourselves and not just others. Be kind to yourself!

WelL thanx for welcoming to the forum. Saturday I’m getting a couple of MRI’s. I wonder if it is just anxiety that’s giving me the lightheadedness. Any recommendation of what type of meds or natural alternative I can take for this?

Hi all,
I have been suffering from bad dizziness and sporadic headaches for the best part of the year. I have had various diagnoses, the last of which was inner ear paresis, although I notice that my symptoms get worse with caffeine, sleep and lack of sleep. So perhaps it is a vestibular migraine?

In February 2012 I became increasingly intolerant of artificial light, large crowds, walking long distances and objects moving across my line of vision. I started to notice “fullness” in the ears, nausea, tinnitus, the horizon “bobbing” as I walked, a blurring of my vision and found that I tiered more easily.

I do get pretty depressed but I am trying to get something positive out of the experience by writing a blog to help support others. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Any comments and questions are most welcome!


Sherlock, I couldn’t go out far on my own during the first six months, due to dizziness. I could go out, though, if I had a ride. Is there no one who can drive you, or accompany you on a bus, now that you’re widowed?