Chronic migraine diagram

Hi Scott
Can’t find your recent excellent diagram on Chronic Migraine. Thought it would be an excellent one to give to friends/relatives who, although sympathetic, just can’t really understand what is happening! lol.
I’d add nausea which I get even if I’m not in a car/bus, very cold hands & feet and extreme hunger. Sure there are lots of other symptoms & appreciate to ‘keep it simple you can’t include everyone’s.
Had my eyes tested today and felt really dizzy & nauseaus after the tests - still do six hours later!

The diagram is in the “All migraineurs should be treated with magnesium” thread. :slight_smile:

This one?

It’s straight out of a paper by Nick Silver here:

S 8)

Thanks Scott,
That’s the one! It’s only since I got my ipad that i’m able to read some of the long articles posted here! Our pc still sends me dizzy after 5 mins! Dr Silver’s publication is a great in-depth coverage of all migraine types & wish I’d been able to read some of this stuff when MAV first hit. Having the ipad has given me a whole new world to catch up with!

That’s great Barb – really great that you can use the iPad without any troubles now.

Yup, some of the articles here are just brilliant. I often go back and reread them myself as a refresher. It’s easy to forget things about this junk and it’s hard to imagine not having this knowledge at our fingertips now. What on earth did people do 50 years ago when this was going on? I bet they ended up in psychiatric wards.

BTW, Adam and I are looking at making mvertigo mobile device friendly – especially for smart phones. Stay tuned.


Thanks Scott! That was a great article with lots of helpful information!

i am so glad to hear someone else randomly gets naseseous and EXTREME HUNGER?! That is a migraine symptom? Weird.