City of London Migraine Clinic Under Threat - where then?

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Just wanted to let those of you in the UK know about this - it seems our City of London Migraine Clinic may be weeks away from closing due to lack of funds. This is really terrible and has thrown me in a bit of a panic, as my GP doesn’t specialise in migraines - they have no time to, and I’m not aware of any other specialist Migraine Clinics in London and South East. I have no idea where I or others will go to for help with migraines and vertigo if they go. They are a lifeline to so many people, as any specialist is. The clinic has also been collecting data on migraine and vertigo for research they are carrying out. Lets hope they don’t go.

I’ve just got to the end of my 30s and my migraines have gradually got worse over the past 10 years - and the severe vertigo bouts have returned alongside. Even though migraine is covered by the ‘Disability Discrimination Act’ in the UK, my employer has given me notice for taking time off with migraine and vertigo. So now I am out of a job due to my illness for the first time, though it’s never been easy working with this illness. I guess this type of thing also makes it all the more important that we have access to specialists who have time to help us find the best treatments for us individually and let us know that we are not alone.


I’ve heard of many being diagnosed by a team af the National Hospital in London, especially Prof. Luxon.

Hi there, thanks for that, I’ve just looked it up and it’s at UCLH, I’ll keep that in mind if I have to move.

hi Mrs G. I recently attended the COLMC for a second opinion on my diagnosis of MAV/basilar migraine. It was good to talk to somebody who had a clear interest in the whole migraine issue. My original diagnosis was at the National Neurology and Neurosurgery Hospital at Queen’s Square where I saw Dr Rosalind Davies, a leading neurotologist. I attend the clinic there once every 4 months to review progress. They prescribed topamax as a first try preventative but it did not suit me at all. Then lamotrigine which, again, did not work. I am currently unmedicated as I am too wary of the side effects of amitriptyline or propanolol (both of which have been suggested). The neurotology clinic referred me to the Headache Clinic at Queen’s Square too…for an opinion on the thumping headaches. That is where my diagnosis of basilar migraine came from. So there are these two places as alternative clinics…although I think you would need a GP referral. Not sure where you are based but in Cambridge there is a headache clinic at Addenbrookes Hospital and a new one (apparently) in Chesterton area.
COLMC agreed with my diagnosis of migraine per se, but were not completely convinced about the basilar part as my symptoms do not follow the bam pattern or aura, vomiting, extreme pain. They did agree that hormones have a major part to play in all of this. (I am 49 and going through peri menopause).


I am also seen at the national hospital of neurology and neurosurgery in both neurotology and neurology. I also saw Dr Davies in neurotology, she is lovely and I can’t recommend enough. She is however, by her own admission, an expert in dizziness but not the management of more complicated cases of migraine. I was diagnosed with MAV in the neurotology department but then referred by her to neurology in the same hospital as I wasn’t responding to the drugs she prescribed and she felt I needed a neurologist on board. If you already have a MAV diagnosis I would be inclined to get referred straight to neurology at the national if it transpires that you need to switch clinics.