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Classic menieres ear symptoms but mav?

Does anyone here have the menieres symptom of sudden 1 sided ear pressure with roaring tinnitus, can pop ears etc when it happens so it’s not eustachian tube. My diagnosis is mav but not finding hardly anyone with this particular set of symptoms

Just key in ‘Pressure in one ear’ into the Search facility (magnifying glass symbol top right of screen on an Ipad) and you’ll be surprised to find you’re not alone. Personally I get equal pressure in both ears but then again I don’t get one-sided headaches either. Everybody’s a bit different when it comes to symptoms. That’s where the tick box diagnosis fails every time. Couple of times I’ve had a short burst of loud roaring tinnitus in just one ear when there was no ear pressure at all. That’s another thing about MAV. It’s extremely variable day by day, minute by minute, even second by second sometimes.

It’s possible the two conditions share some aetiology. I don’t think medicine knows.

Only time will tell. If your hearing shows no low frequency progressive deterioration it’s not Menieres.

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Yep that’s one thing about Menieres I guess. I waited 16 years before I got a postive MAV diagnosis but during that time I must have been told at least four times I definitely didn’t have Menieres. Nobody could tell me what I did have but they all seemed sure of what I didn’t! I could only assume from my experience that Medics do seem to be able to eliminate it as a diagnosis relatively easily. Guess it’s based on that hearing test. I’m no medic but I have always understood Menieres cannot be 24/7 constant but comes only in self contained packages though I appreciate generalisations can be misleading.

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Yes that’s the other major difference. The 24/7 stuff is more MAV though some believe the whole thing is on one spectrum so some Menieres sufferers have more constant problems.

I do have symptoms some degree 24/7,i believe I’ve had mav for years, buts it’s these 1 sided ear episodes which make me question it, I’ve always had them either before or during a hum singer of a migraine so it’s plausible, just struggle when there’s so few with the same ear symptoms

Most people with mav seem to have some form of eustachian tube problem, these episodes are definitely not

I would not worry about it too much. Follow the MAV protocol and find out what gives you the most relief. Menieres is very rare. MAV is relatively common. Focus more, not on what it is, but what things help you. I’m sure you will find increasing relief!

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Thanks turnaround, I know you’re right, just this fear rears it’s ugly head every now and again and I research like a crazy woman​:joy::joy:I do appreciate the support nad advice so thankyou

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Yes I used to get one sided ear pressure especially after I woke up. Even more so if I took a nap laying on my side (naps are a big no no for me) Tenitis could be in one or both ears or even alternate. Very high pitches. I could swear others could hear it :joy:

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