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Close parallel stripes

Many people feel ill-at-ease when they walk on a carpet showing close parallel stripes (black and white). Has there been any medical/scientific research to prove this kind of visual vertigo? Personnaly I experience this phenomena too, so far mildy. But I need some real objective clinical explanation because I want to prevent such a carpet to be installed in the staircase of my residence. Thanks.

Can’t help with any scientific research - but if you have a problem, I’d say ‘don’t do it’! A lot of those kinds of patterns, stripes, tiny squares etc give me a wobble.

Visual vertigo can be overcome by habituation they say. If you expose yourself enough to it it will get easier to tolerate. That’s as long as you don’t trigger a migraine though I imagine.

I really feel that, generally, these last couple of months at last I’ve lost 99% of my visual vertigo most particularly outside. I know it was bad for several years and I would always have to make sure I avoided a graphic representation of the genome which for some reason totally unbeknown to me was embedded on a local cycle path amid much aplomb a few years back. Fir years walking over it or even so I could see it out of the corner of my eye would cause me disorientation. Then I just didn’t happen to walk that way for a while and the next time I did it was OK so I forgot all about it. Then today I was about to enter a chemist shop and, quite delibrately because the floor in the adjacent disabled parking lot was paved in black n white brick shaped tiles and I was feeling fine, I walked across it ‘just for fun’. It wasn’t as much fun as at first thought, certainly made me feel ill-at-ease and slightly nauseous although it soon passed. Funny thing. Visual Vertigo. Helen

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