Co-Enzyme Q10

In the past, a doctor of mine recommended CoQ-10. I didn’t end up taking it for long, as I really didn’t have faith in the doctor. But, after reading Molly’s post, I realize that Dr. Hain will probably recommend it as well. So, I will try it again. Just wondering - I know the recommended daily dose for migraines is 300. I bought 300mg today, so I would only be taking it once per day. However, Molly, I noticed that your doctor recommended 100mg 3 times per day. Does it matter how many times we take it, as long as it totals 300mg? Just wondering if your doctors were specific on that. It’s pretty expensive so I just wanted to clarify before opening my $50 bottle. thanks. btw - I also restarted my B2. figured it cannot hurt.

you may want to split it up as many have had issues with the Stomach

Thanks Howie - that is probably a good idea