Cold face!

Ok this is a new one for me, this morning I have a cold feeling in my face and my arm! It literally feels like the shivers! Anyone relate? Interestingly, I remember as a child if I ate cheese (!) I used to get this same cold feeling on my cheeks, looks to me as if I did have migraine symptoms all along!

Hi Anna,

I get the opposite i get this but I feel hot.

I used to get the cold shivers running through my body but I don’t get it anymore

Migraine is so weird!

Hey Anna, I have all over waves of shivers all the time…is this what u mean?? xx

Sort of but I can’t put it into words as such , it’s like a cold slightly numb feeling ?! I wouldn’t say shivers as such! X

I get that too. It feels as if I was just outside in 10 degree weather and your face is cold/numb! However, you have not been out in the cold. I also just get the face numbness/tingling feeling. It is a weird feeling. Every time the numbness/tingling happens I go smile in the mirror to make sure everything is even and I am not having a stroke!!