I have to have a colonoscopy in a week. My doctor said to purchase a bowel cleanser from my local drugstore. Can anyone recommend a good colon cleanser that will empty my bowels? What have you taken prior to having a colonoscopy? ~ ~ ~

My son had one done and they said to buy Magnesium Citrate. It is a bottle of clear liquid usually lemon/lime flavor. The ones I found were in glass bottles. He had to drink 1 full bottle and then 6 hours later another full bottle. He is 130 pounds for reference. They said that was the normal cleanse for an adult though. I would ask the doctor or pharmacist to be sure though. It does give diarrhea so make sure you are drinking clear liquids to replace what you are losing.

I drank that for a prep and came home early from work as it said it would work fairly soon. Well, around midnight it “kicked in” and I was up all night until the morning of the procedure…lol. I agree…drink lots of fluid to replace what you’ll lose or you could get dehydrated and feel lightheaded from that.