Coming off Klonopin

I was taking Klonopin for approx 6 weeks - only half a tablet per day.
I decided on Sunday to stop taking it. Anyway this week has been terrible - my balance is unbelievably bad.
Is it possible that because I suddenly stopped taking it that my symptoms worsened. I’ve also been very headachey which I never used to be.

Just wondering what peoples experiences were coming of Klonopin?

Thanks everyone.

I’ve taken Klonopin (Rivotril here in UK) on and off for about 5 years for the dizzies. Recently I’ve been taking half to a whole tablet every day and when the good effects wear off it leaves me with a stinking migraine sick-type headache. I googled Klonopin and rebound headache and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence it can cause this.

More related to your point: during bad dizzy bouts ( lasting > two weeks), when I’ve tried to stop the Klonopin my dizziness has returned immediately. This kept happening and I got convinced I was addicted and this was a withdrawal effect. However, just after Xmas having taken it for 1 month every day, I stopped and was fine for a few weeks. This makes me think the dizziness was being masked by the K and therefore me stopping it just unmasked it, rather than caused it. That said, I’m now back in another bad bout and relying on a whole tablet most days just to get me out of bed. It’s really hard isnt it when a drug seems to help so much but everyone cautions against it as in ‘ooh benzos, you don’t want to keep taking them’ whilst tut tutting and shaking head.

Have you tried taking a quarter of a tablet for a while?

Dizzy izzy

Maybe the point here is that you need the Klonopin for your balance. In other words, before taking it, you had balance problems, right? And when you took Klonopin, your balance problems were regulated. So when you suddenly stopped, it’s not that you are withdrawing from the Klonopin but instead, that you need the Klonopin for balance issues. Understand what I mean? It might be something you have to take for a long time. When my balance issues started, I used Klonopin and have ever since. I did add another med, but since have gone off of it. Later, because of the migraine issues, I also added Topamax. I believe the Klonopin however, is what helps my balance. I have not had to up the dose and have stayed on it since, but have at times, gone off of it for a few days and noticed the difference. Yes, your body may “need” it in terms of tolerance, but I think you need it for balance. And if you suddenly stop any drug, as opposed to slowly titrating off of it, your body/mind is going to react.

I would assume it could be a bit of both. But with any of these meds, I think the best way to stop it is to do a gradual taper. That way the brain can get used to it without an abrupt change. Klonopin has a 20+ hour half life, so you only need to take it once a day and can just cut down the pill every 3-5 days or so, and then what you will be left with is your base line I imagine. Then you can decide if it’s worth keeping it around.
Personally, I really get a lot of relief from it and would be bummed if I didn’t have it. I only take 1/4 of the .5mg tablets and it’s all I need. Once or sometimes twice a day. At times I will skip a day if I"m feeling quite well.

My latest doctor told me to relax and feel comfortable taking it if I need it. He said epileptics are prescribed up to 20mg a day, and my little amount isn’t going to make me an addict. I still keep in in check as I feel that we have to be our own advocates.

Thanks for your responses and they all make perfect sense.
I think Klonopin did help a bit and i’m sure if i took the full tablet rather than half it would have helped even more.
HOWEVER, my hair has been falling out.
And also, at the back on my head i keep thinking about the habituating effect and i don’t want to get addicted to it.
Everything just seems like a double edged sword.

Gee, I have never heard of a benzo causing hair to fall out? Are you taking folate and biotin? As a hairstylist, Ihave lots of ladies who lose their hair around late 30’s 40 ish and it’s usually from hormones…just FYI
Good luck!