Coming off meds

Just wondering if anyone has come off their meds and what happened afterwards. I’m thinking about having another baby so have to come off venlafaxine. I’ve been on it for just over a year and it has really changed my life and got my symptoms pretty much under control. So now I’m terrified of everything coming back if I stop taking my meds. I don’t really think there’s anything I can take whilst pregnant so once I’ve weaned myself off I’ll have to go it alone for at least a year. Does anyone have any experience of this or advice? Thanks

I’m off. Been off for ~25 days. Had ‘MAV’ for 2 years almost.

Symptoms persist but not dizziness and basically I’m better now off meds than I was a year ago on meds. Mild imbalance most days. Some days it’s tough still. Migraine rumbles but no migraines. Can use the computer almost all of the time.

Worst symtom I get is moderate vertigo when reclining into bed, maybe once a week. Once in bed mild vertigo when turning on side which is really annoying when trying to enjoy relaxing.

The one thing I’d say is focus on the 6C’s restriction diet. That may help loads. Not being on meds has made me more sensitive to the subtle changes you experience with diet. Try not to cheat. :slight_smile:

Thanks, nice to know it can be done. Well done for coming off your meds. Can I ask why you made that decision, had you been feeling better?

Yes, I really felt a bit better and started to be conscious of taking too much medication for the sake of it. I initially had this feeling back in February, but even a 5mg drop re-introduced uncomfortable eye symptoms. This time this did not happen, and 98% of the time I can tap away at the keyboard without issue :slight_smile: I know its not over yet (this mornings mild vertigo when turning in bed sucked), but boy its great to make this kind of progress, and I hope this gives hope to others!

First, depending on all of the meds you are on make sure you have been doing it with close consultation with your doctor! For me, since nothing has worked to “stop” my MAV condition, the meds I take HELP a little with reducing the symptoms during each episode. However, the times I’ve stopped all of my meds (and I went through this just recently) the episodes were worse as everything I take is just somewhat suppressing the symptoms. But again, my experience is that nothing has worked to “stop” anything…I am only able to trying and reduce the symptoms. Talk to your OB about your meds and any pregnancy complications and if there are any substitutes that are safe if what you are taking. Also, talk to which ever Dr. is your vertigo “specialist.” Pregnancy just might put a pause on it…if the hormone and chemistry changes that occur in women during menopause often end their vertigo conditions (and migraines too) then they may know if it is common for pregnancy hormones and chemistry changes have an impact. In all of the research I have done over the past decade I haven’t seen anything…but them I am male and pregnancy isn’t an option for me so I wouldn’t really have looked at anything pregnancy related :slight_smile: You also need to know about your meds and breastfeeding if you plan to do that…because you probably will need to go back on them after the baby is born…uncontrolled vertigo and a baby I would think would be a big challenge…but I am really hoping the best for you!!! The fact that you are thinking about meds you can take while pregnant is always so wonderful to hear…that is the stuff of a great mom-to-be :slight_smile:


That sounds about right from my theories. However IF there is a way out of this it’s avoiding unhelpful food and drink (which isn’t always easy eg when dining out), minimising stress and its something about time being a healer.

I do think the brain does some compensation though which is more complete and faster the fewer meds you take surely? Being able to use a computer all day now feels like compensation to me.

A good measure of your progress is amoont of baseline tinnitus I reckon. If this improves you are making genuine progress. This might also be reflected on an audiogram.

If you don’t have any tinnitus then it’s hard to judge (but lucky you for not having any!)