Common with mav?

So I guess I’m interested to know if others have this problem of sore painful tired legs?? I feel like they work extra hard to maintain my balance all the time and that is why but I never read anyone else having similar problems. I mean I have to take hot baths at night to comfort them! This was a huge concern for me and I brought it up with the neuro last week at my follow up so he ran some tests similar to the one they do for carpal tunnel and he used needles to test my muscles ouch! But he did say I had mild tarsal tunnel but muscles showed ok, they just ache all the time! Does anyone have similar issues due to the balance issues??

On another note tomorrow is finally my first appt at the balance and dizzy center here in my city so I’m anxious and hope it goes well, does anyone have any advice/ suggestions for questions to ask or anything?

I’m playing detective here -

Do you have a bed partner? The reason I ask is I began to notice I had tired legs a few years before my dizziness problem began, and if I didn’t have someone in bed with me at night I would never have known why: I have periodic limb movements in sleep, which I recently learned (from this website!) is often migraine related. This is different from restless leg syndrome (though some people MAY have both conditions) because restless leg syndrome by definition is something that you are aware of, and it bothers you such that you are inclined to move your legs to relieve the bothersome sensations in your legs. Periodic limb movements in sleep, also known as periodic limb movement disorder (I don’t like that term - much scarier) is something you’re completely unaware of because you twitch or actually kick in your sleep. Your poor bed partner, if you have one, may be on the receiving end of the kicks, and that’s how most people find out they have it. That way, or they have tired legs and go have a sleep study and find out. Magnesium at bedtime, suggested by my primary care doc, has reduced the intensity of my kicking and the soreness of my legs. No surprise, as magnesium is well known for its benefits for migraineurs!

Hmm, this actually started after the dizziness and usually they feel ok in the morning because they’ve had rest but it’s after being up and about for a while they really hurt. But so basically it doesn’t sound like this is common with mav then huh


I get this and especially on a day when I have a bad migraine or a lot of fatigue with the migraine (I can be out shopping and feel like my legs wont work, or I am walking through treacle) I thought it was part of the “so called” ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) they said I had, but I think it may be part of the migraine.


My wife tells me, “You were chasing rabbits again last night.” My doc told me not to worry about it, . . . I don’t.