Comparing Helpful Diets

 Over the last several years I have come across several success stories for symptom relief of vertigo and migraine and Meniere's.  I have been most successful with the Migraine Diet.  But I always wondered why these other diets were so helpful to other people with my same symptoms.  So I made a comparison chart and I realized how similar the diets were.  There is much overlap and consistency.  Maybe some items that are eliminated from other diets do exacerbate our migraine symptoms and should be considered.  Maybe all the diets work because they are so similar. I tried to cut-and-paste my comparison chart but it did not transfer intact.  If you have also wondered if other items affect your drippy nose, ear fullness or sinus pressure , you may want to view this chart.  
 Some find success on "The Zone Diet" because it helps regulate insulin levels.  Others use a low histamine approach since histamine is a neurotransmitter.  There is even a group who follow a low tannin diet for Migraine.  One woman claims 90% improvement.   Very interesting. “The Diet Comparison Chart”