Complete recovery impossible?

What are all your opinions on complete recovery I.e. a life as before, totally free of mav…is that implausible? We see many success stories and people feeling 90% etc but will we always be prone to relapses?? X

Complete recovery is possible, but of course someone is vulnerable to a relapse if they got MAV previously.

I’m really curious about this too.

I would like to think (and who wouldn’t) that complete recovery is possible. Unfortunately it seems there aren’t many studies that track MAV patients over the long-term or that discuss complete recovery/remission and prevention of future episodes…This is an area of MAV research that seems to be sorely lacking. If anyone knows of such studies, please let me know. I’ll keep searching in the meantime and if I find anything I’ll be sure to post it here!

It seems likely that some practitioners or clinics periodically follow up with patients they haven’t seen in yea long. I’ll ask my guy whether Hopkins does so, next time I see him. Perhaps other folks can do the same. That seems to be about the only way . . . unless mebbe the Danish LT nationwide health study included migraines?

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I can tell you that in trying to research studies about MAV treatment, there are very few controlled studies for various MAV drugs. The studies that I have seen tend to have very small sample sizes, and don’t follow MAV patients for very long after drug treatment.