Completely Freaked

So i just got this symptom that I have gotten before but wanted to ask if it could be migraine related. I was standing at the sink washing dishes and I all of the sudden had some vertigo where I kind of tilted to the side real fast and then went back to normal. It always lasts no more than a second but I am so freaked out. I have the usual off balance feeling every day but this is more intense.
I have been under a ton of stress lately, not sleeping due to a teething infant, and am having serious marital issues. No this symptom is making me think there is something horribly wrong with me.
Anything you have to say is appreciated. I am so panicked right now which is not helping at all.

That happens to me sometimes - I’ll be sitting or standing and all of a sudden I feel like I’ve tilted a bit and then I’m back to normal. It’s very quick but unnerving. Common to MAV I think. Stress plays such a big part of migraine. Sorry to hear you’re going through this.

Having a teething infant is enough to send anyone crazy. And it wreak havoc on you physically and emotionally. And on top of that you are having marital stress. I too, get those sudden attacks that are way worse than just the everyday Mav symptoms. I used to get them more often but they have settled down a bit since taking my meds. But when I get them, it is a sudden feeling as if I’m falling to a certain side. I had it once while driving and was so lucky I was in the slow lane and get pull over. As a matter of a fact, that incident is when I started the long search of what was wrong with me.

I believe it is a Mav symptom that is just made worse by anxiety/stress. If your not sleeping enough, that can really upset the Mav brain. I feel for you with the teething child. I remember my baby had a very hard time with teething and no one in our house slept for what seemed like ages. And I too was having marital problems at that time. Just hang in there, eventually the teeth come in and you’ll get some sleep again.
That sudden feeling is very scary. I’m way to familar with it. Just sit down, take some really long deep breaths in and out and while you are doing it, focus your eyes on one point. This will really calm the brain down. My therapist taught me this and it really works. Breathe in for 10 seconds and breathe out for ten seconds. So they have to be really slow controlled breaths.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. It brought me to tears reading responses so fast. I really needed it. I hate this disruption we all get innwhat is already such a hectic life. Sleep would be wonderful. Hopefully my sweet boy will get some soon ao i can also do the same. Its overwhelming to known this mav is gOing to smack me in the face throughout life.

This is the exact feeling that sent me to the doctor pronto! It scared the crap out of me and it would tend to happen when I looked down. It makes me feel panicky, especially at first. Doctor says it is part of the MAV stuff. I liken the feeling as going over a roller coaster or a hill in a car where your stomach does a really quick flip. That’s what it feels like when it happens to me. Hope you feel better soon.

Hey Natasha,

This symptom happens to me all the time, in fact these last few weeks it’s been my most annoying symptom and happens literally dozens of times throughout the day. I constantly feel as though I’m falling off my chair, I can’t walk a straight line (generally veering to the left) etc. As a specific example to illustrate - a few days ago I was sitting at a table, I put my hands on the table to steady msyelf and it felt like the whole table was sliding away from me, taking me with it. In addition to this false sense of motion I’ll feel nauseous and have that stomach ‘lurch’ like you get going up or down rapidly in a lift.

On the one hand I’m ‘used’ to this symptom but on the other I’m increasingly exhausted by and with it. I’m over it!

So anyway, to put your mind at ease (as it were), yes, this is all migraine related.


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Migraine related, used to happen to me a lot. Don’t worry it is not a new disorder.

Teething is brutal. I never tried it, but everyone told me to rub Jack Daniels on their gums!

On edit: I tend to get those ‘zaps’ when I move my eyes quickly from short distance to long distance, or from left to right, very rapidly. It happens a lot when I have my laptop on my lap and I move my eyes up to the TV, or back again. Then it passes.

Hi Natasha,
This is a symptom I used to get very frequently. I would feel like I was tilting sideways, or like I was going to go sliding across the floor. It used to sometimes last for a few hours. It stopped freaking me out after a while, but it really wasn’t very pleasant.
I hope things improve for you very soon.

Hi Natasha

What you describe, I call ‘bursts of vertigo’, I’ve been having those on and off for many years and they seem quite common with MAVers. Sometimes I’ve found they are triggered by certain movements or when I’m over tired or stressed, I’m sure with a teething little one that you are feeling at least more tired than usual. Although they are scary, they usually only last for a couple of seconds before abruptly stopping. Knowing what they are and that they pass quickly has always helped me cope and get over them quickly. I hope it will you too.

Nothing bad will happen to you, try and remember that as it will help to reduce your anxiety. They aren’t pleasant, but at least they pass so quickly. Wishing you a better day today.


Natasha, I’ve had two such brief episodes over this last weekend,very unpleasant even though I’ve been used to them for many years. I don’t worry about them meaning something untoward is going on anymore, just part of the MAV package unfortunately. I know I was over-tired and over stressed and that’s what I put them down to. Please don’t panic - be reassured that some of us have had these little “zaps” for many years without them being indicative of anything more sinister going on at all.


Thank you for all of the responses! I like what someone said about it being “zaps” of vertigo. Thats definitely how i would describe it! This MAV is a crazy thing. It took me a long time to accept thats what was going on. I know there’s a lot of stress in my life and that’s probably making things more out of control. I look forward to when I can get onto some meds after I sto breastfeeding. I am jusy so glad all of you guys are here!

I get these quite often too. I describe them as room shifts. One minute I am OK then there is a severe vertigo lurch, usually makes me grab onto the sink or sideboard or whatever is available, it always panics me as I am worried its going into a full blown vertigo spin which could last for hours, but invariably it goes away in seconds.


that happens to me too! I notice it mostly at night when I am sitting up in bed. I immediately hold on expecting the worse, but alas, it goes away in seconds. Happens mostly when I am tired. Glad I’m not the only one either.

Yes, I sometimes have fleeting episodes of vertigo. Sometimes I feel like the floor is giving out underneath me, but only momentarily. It happened once on a subway platform. That was fun. :roll:

Yes, I get these too, it’s a horrible feeling :frowning:

That’s why i love this forum…you guys are so reassuring!

That sudden, quick falling sensation. Like a sleep jerk but nothing physically moves. Yes me too. They feel disgusting dont they? They come and go in bursts for a few days and were a new twist on MAV, particularly when lying down. They came on as a “new” symptom that would be constant for a few days (like 100s of times a day…) then fade a bit. A few months down the track i can kind of ignore them as compared with everything else nothing bad has happened!

Some good news. :slight_smile: Early on and in a total sleep deprived puddle GP insisted I take Temazepam for a few nights and that worked wonders on keeping these little zaps calm within a day or two. There is clearly a funny sleep thing going on that can snowball.

With all this stuff daily preventers are the best bet but also anything that gives you a little control from time to time goes such a long way too. Good luck!

Once I am done nursing I am going to see if there is somethig I can go on! Until the I will have to search for support of orger sufferers on this site!

I get this too, it’s a horrible feeling, often happens when i am at work too so could be anxiety based (scary at work sometimes when feeling so dizzy) It’s all ‘normal’ for MAV i think and you are not alone. I hope you see some improvement soon and your little one does too with the teeth coming through.