Completely Panicked....Called Ambulance

ok so i am freaking out…last week while coughing i felt like i was going to pass out twice…fine ok blood pressure no problem…then this past friday I was standing up looking down at the table writing something and it happened again…then yesterday while i was scootching down to help my son with something I stood up slowly and it happened again then again 15 mins later and then the third time i was coming in from outside and turned slowly and i had it really bad i barely made it to the computer to disconnect adn grab the phone and land on the couch…as soon as i sat down i broke out in a huge sweat and still felt really woozy i was so scared cause i was home alone with the kids my sister in law rushed over and called me an ambulance…after hours in the ER dr said it was my vego vesal? nerve acting up and to rest few days do everything slow and after a while it wouldnt bother me so much…not to take my valium cause it drops your blood pressure (mine is low to start with) so i have been in high panic mode for two days straight i am sooooo scared this will happen again and i am terrified to be alone…I want my hubby to take two days off of work to help me but he thinks he will lose his job if he does…please tell me this will go away i need to be there for my children and feeling like this is BAD I dont want to pass out and leave my kids scared and unattended!!! help!!

DD - How are you today? Any better? Have you gotten in touch with your doctor to talk about this?

How old are your kids? Old enough to learn how to call 911 if necessary?

In my humble opinion we can’t really ‘trust’ ER docs to treat us because they aren’t seeing our ‘whole picture’. They don’t usually know much about MAV - not usually anyway. I think if I were you (and you haven’t already) I’d get in touch with my neurologist or primary doc & see what they say.

Looking forward to an update…

D D ,
I think the ER may have been referring to vasso vagal response, in some cases, its simply a fainting episode, or light headedness sometimes bought on by meds, such as antidepressants like tricylics ect…

Your DR can give you some ideas on how to deal with it if this is the reason.
It’s a Quick drop in blood pressure.
Stomping your feet on the floor before quickly rising out of bed or from a sitting position is a good idea, to bring the blood flow back before rising… Stand slowly.

Julie and I have been discussing this very thing this week via email, as I have seemingly had similar, and quite disturbing new probable vasso vagal problems, of late.

My neurologist has said, these symptoms can also happen during a migraine.
Very frightening indeed…

Here is an explanation of some other ailment that can cause quite troubling syncope or vasso vagal responses and are also called syncope.
Julie , was explaining to me how other people she knows with mav, have fainting type syncope, during their MAV

But I can see , how this would make you even dizzer and sader

Jen 8)