Computer issues

I still can’t use my computer but am desperate to get back on it. I can’t find the previous thread. Can anyone suggest what I can do to the screen of my MacBook Air beside lowering the brightness? I have bought Migralens sunglasses but they won’t get here for a few weeks.

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I need 20mg of Ami to use computer. I tried to drop back to 15mg and started getting issues again so back @20mg. Can be on for hours and hours at this dose. Try upping your dose? It works really well for me.


I had that problem too. The only thing that helped me get back on a computer was:

Visit an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist to check my vision.
Lower salt intake.
Drink lots of water and Gatorade.
Rest my eyes.
Bought a pair of speacialty glasses from Axon Optics that block the light ray coming from the computer. I could only look at the computer when I had them on.
These also helped me in places that have flourecsent lighting.

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I am wondering if anyone has any advice about watching videos. Is it harder on the big screen TV or the little laptop screen for you? I got a pair of migralens sunglasses but I’d like to do everything possible.

@ shazam Personally, I find that the TV flat screen is O.K. for me - even when I was constantly ‘dizzy’, but I need to do the computer in relatively short stints to avoid discomfort.

Gosh I’ve been so lucky on this one. Amitriptyline let’s me do whatever I like wrt watching screens.

Do you work for the Amitriptyline manufacturer?

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Ha, actually I’ve been having more migraine rumbles of late and sometimes a feeling of slight swaying. I went through a long period of them lessening so its annoying they are coming back. I’m CONVINCED something physical is going on in the ear which has a bearing on these symptoms … ah well …

How you are you doing now?

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@ turnitaround, I agree that you probably have something physical happening with the ear - hope it soon sorts itself out!!

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