Computer Screen

I have dimmed my brightness and take regular breaks but it really flares my MAV up

My head, neck and shoulder go hot and i get a slight headache

any advice on what i can do?

Have you tried different screens? In particular LED-backlit screens can be REALLY bad for people with migraines because of the way they use pulse-width-modulation to control screen brightness. The combination of the frequency of the PWM with the instant on-off properties of LED light create a strobing effect that is just fast enough that it is undetectable to human sight but is still able to effect the migraine-sensitive brain and cause migraines/MAV symptoms.

Try an older LCD monitor that has a standard CRT-backlight on low-brightness and see if that bothers you any less. I prefer IPS-panel LCD’s because they have super-sharp text and are good for long sessions, but they are more expensive.

i have a 19inch LCD.

i might try a different screen. Filters don’t work very well on LCD!!

My laptop has a shiny screen where I can see my reflection in it- is this the bad one you are talking about? I want an older style monitor that isn’t shiny- is this what is the better one- sorry i dont know the names?


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