Computer screens -What about using TV screens as a monitor?

Like many others on these boards i have a problem with computer screens. I have a standard laptop with the new screens -i believe they are LED. I´ve seen alot of advice on other posts but from what i see no one is sure what is causing the problem and different screens are better or worse for different people.
I thought about using my TV screen to replace my laptop monitor, since i don´t have symptoms when i watch TV. Does anyone have an opinion on this?
Even if the same stimuli exist if I transpalnt my monitor view to the TV screen, and even if the screen would actually be alot bigger i would be watching it from much farther away. Hence i would have more visual references perhaps? And my view wouldn´t be as much absorbed by the screen?
Any advice on this?

thank you in advance!

no harm in trying i guess. u have nothing to lose
let us know how u go. if the tv doesn’t bother u as much then i might try it too