Computer Vision Syndrome 8)

There is a page you can print out on here to see if these type of glasses would benefit you.

I’m investigating getting some to see if it’ll help my head-ness whilst at work looking at the screen. I have definitely noticed a pattern where I’m am more unwell/symptomatic when at work that any other time (well, evenings are still doing me in but nothing new there!).

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Good article…I wear no line bifocals and my opthamologist has suggested a special tint for work. Pearle Vision is putting the tint (it’s different from the regular anti glare) on and I am picking up the glasses today. I am not back to work yet but will keep you posted as to whether or not they help me. Good Luck!


Came across this one whilst looking for something else. I’m never too sure about some of these syndromes, I’ve a feeling if more than two people burnt their top lip on a cup of Hot Chocolate, next week there would be a Wiki on ‘Hot Chocolate Top Lip syndrome’. It’s just an association, albeit a very valid one, of symptoms and extensive users. I don’t know whether it warrants a separate condition. Sure most on here can relate. Really it’s an industrial injury and a type of brain abuse that will become more common as technology advances. Very similar symptoms to many MAVers. Probably more a catalyst rather than a trigger for many of us MAVers, Helen