Confused = today's outcome = "possibly vestibular"

So sorry about the doctor’s visit, if only they knew how this felt. (not all but some)

Lisa, Good luck with Dr. Rauch. When I was at MEEI two months ago, they were doing many renovations. I saw another doctor who took his time but was of little help. Please let us know how your visit goes; I may decide to travel there again and see Dr. Rauch or go to Baltimore to see Dr. Carey.

Best wishes.

Hi Lisa,

I’m sad to hear you’re still getting hammered with this madness but glad you have an appt lined up with Steve Rauch. I think if I had to choose a physician I would see in the US it would be him first. I really like how thorough he is and thoughtful in his repsonses etc. He definitely wants to see people put this junk behind them. I think it all reflects on the standard of care you’ll get when you see him. He “gets” it. I look forward to hearing how it all goes and what he suggests when you are able to drop us a line here again.

Take care … Scott

Hi George,

I understand the difficulty in finding the right doctor, but I think Hain is a safer bet. I just wanted to let you and Scott know, that Dr. Hain have been pretty good with getting back with me. He doesn’t answer all my emails, but many of them. He doesn’t like when you ask him too many questions all at once, and sometimes he needs some time to get back to you.
I hope you feel better soon.


Emma :slight_smile:

George: I also think it is a good idea to try to stick with one Dr. so they have a history with you and know of your ups and downs in dealing with this mess. If you feel comfortable with Hain, try to stick with him. I know you can bring your records from one Dr. to the next but those are just pieces of paper; they don’t seem to portray the desperation some of us feel that is usually conveyed by speaking to the Dr. in person. Good luck.

Lisa, I know what you mean about sitting in front of the computer. I am a paralegal/legal assistant and 90% of my job is working on the computer. Some of the things I have done are removing some flourescent lights that were causing glare, I adjusted my screen so I am not looking up or down to see it, I try to keep it at eye level and I have darkened the screen making it softer on the eyes. It does help me and quite often I just have to get up and walk away. Usually a short walk does help as most of the time I have the feeling my body is in motion when I am just trying to sit still and work. I found myself bobbing and weaving as I am sitting in front of the computer. Good luck with Dr. Rauch. I was at MEEI in June to see my Dr., Dr. Preisol. He told me they are currently conducting a study on women with dizziness and imbalance. He said I was a good candidate but would have to have some of my ENG testing re-done but he did not want to put me through that (thank goodness) although I would have liked to be part of the study. But I guess the good part of this is they are still studying this and trying to develop better treatments for it. Hopefully something good will come of the study.


I just wanted to mention that although I have confidence in Dr Hain, my parents are not so thrilled with him. They feel the same way about the ear surgeon that worked on me in 2007. They just can’t stand seeing their “baby girl” in a wheelchair for 3 years when I used to ride my bike 1000 miles a year. They just want me to be back to my “old self” yesterday! Me too!

I suppose I will feel the same way about my children.