I still don’t know what’s up with me. I started with vertigo in November, left sided pressure in head and cheek, left sided earache, left sided headache, left watery eye, fatigue etc. I went to the opticians and he checked my eye pressure, peripheral vision and pictures of behind my eye and all was ok. my gp did neuro tests that were ok. I asked for a cat scan but my gp didn’t think I needed one but sent me anyway.It showed 3 shadows so I have to see a neurologist and have an mri scan. I asked him if migraines could cause these and he said no. I am worried about ms but I have read ms lesions wouldn’t show on a cat scan just an mri. I am worried what else it could be.
The dizziness, headache, brain fog have all came back again and my right arm and leg feel different to my left. II have read about ms and some things fit but some don’t. I keep feeling achy all over too. I just wish my neurologist appointment would hurry up and I know what’s going on.