Constant Anxiety..... WTF

Guys… sorry to harp on… I know i’ve posted this before…

But I am currently suffering with near constant anxiety, all day every day… I feel constantly on the verge of having a panic attack although its only actually materialised once. I feel constantly confused by things. One minute i’ll look at the sky and it will freak me out (fuck knows why)… next minute i’ll look at the floor and it will freak me out… its like my brain is not processing stuff correctly…

Am I just on some mad acid trip that has somehow re-awakened from the original mushrooms trip I went on at the age of 18… yes it was a bad trip… but somehow I feel like it has re-wired my brain and my brain has unwired again to that point in time… WTF!

all jokes aside… I did try mushrooms when I was 18 and I had a real bad trip… during the trip I felt like I was falling through my bed and my vision totally went… now I have learnt about migraine more I am pretty sure it was my migraine brain that didnt like that crap!

Oh well… Rant over for now… totally fed up of this anxiety and mav shit… give me a break brain!

Sorry to hear that richy- if it makes you feel better I am constantly anxious too. From the minute I wake up to the moment I fall asleep I am constantly anxious- I never, ever relax. It doesn’t help that I can’t seem to tolerate SSRIs like a lot of people on here can- they have worked for my anxiety pre-mav.

Are you tapering off the lyrica? I don’t know why Dr. S. says that helps with anxiety- it is a weak sort of mood stabilizer- but it doesn’t work the way real anti-depressants work. I would ask to try either nortriptiline or ami next- the tricyclics don’t help my anxiety, but i know they help a lot of people on here. They certainly have a better chance of helping your anxiety than lyrica.

As far as dealing with the anxiety- the only thing that really helps me is exercising- which is hard with bad balance- but taking a walk or going swimming helps me to physically get the anxiety out and I feel like I am doing something productive.

I miss being able to truly relax without the help of pills LOL- but even then, I am sedated but my mind still races. Sigh…

I’m so sorry Richy, I am exactly the same at the moment!! I seem to have gotten worse! I have been taking 5mg of valium as needed and it is amazing, I know it’s addictive but it eases my dizziness, the tingling, the headcahes, the anxiety within literally 20 mins. It can mean the difference between a terrible day and a reasonable one. I went to my GP today as the anxiety is daily and I was worrying about over-using valium…he put me back on propranolol (beta blocker) which diminishes the action of adrenaline so I’m hoping that will help somewhat…maybe time for a phone consult with Dr. S to discuss another med option?? I found nori absolutely useless personally, it made me worse!! Anyway I hope you get some relief soon. I think it’s harder and harder as time passes and you realise you’ve had nearly a year of your life tick by with this shit. xx

It definitely sounds like you need to try a new med Richy. Like others have said nori or ami would be a good choice. I didn’t know lyrica could do much for anxiety but Dr S seems to love it. I think your brainstem is confused so it is triggering the anxiety feelings as an automatic response. Are you going to speak to Dr S soon?

I’m really sorry you feel like this.
It almost sounds like derealisation constantly.
I like Jems theory that the brainstem seems constantly irritated, it makes sense.

I think you should put a call into Dr s and explain this horrendous anxiety and see why he says. Perhaps Lyrica is triggering something in you. He may have seen a similar rare reaction before.

Nori and topa have been great for me.

I’m having break thru at the moment Definately even tho I’ve upped the topamax but my monthly bad spins were nowhere near as bad this month since I increased the Top. I went to Paris for the weekend, felt pretty shit on the Sat but managed it.

What about seeing a Gp type doc for some Valium? Or klonopin. Your description sounds like it would warrant a benzo.

I agree with everyone. Try and get a benzo from your gp for now. After seeing Dr S get a script for the prothiaden, amitriptyline or the nortriptyline and get on them asap. It wud b v difficult for u to get your Mav under control if u have constant anxiety so your next drug trial must be an anti depressant. If u cannot tolerate then it might be a good idea to try effexor which seems to be the drug of choice of Dr Hain and its an SNRI that shud have less side effects and works great for anxiety and possibly Mav

Hi Richy,
really sorry to hear what you’re going through - I can completely empathise. I’ve had 2 types of ‘panic disorder’ type issues:

  1. Panic disorder brought on through constant stress and over-doing things for too long (my whole waking life was one non-stop panic)
  2. Drug-induced panic, brought on by Topamax. This varied on the two occasions I had this - the first was instant and it was easy to spot that it was the Topamax: I tried to jump from 25 to 50mg per day and completely fell apart, with anxiety and ‘can’t cope’ type feelings. These soon went away after retreating back down to 25mg per day. But the 2nd occasion wasn’t so easy to spot (in terms of the Topamax being responsible). I’d been OK at 100mg for a good few weeks (6 or 7, I’d have to check), and then the anxiety issues started and I just could not shake them. When I reduced back down to 80mg, everything soon returned to normal. I haven’t had these anxiety related issues with either Pizotifen or Gabapentin.

So, if it’s non-drug induced, really try the Claire Weekes book(s) - they can be quite comforting at bad times. Also, remember the ‘panic’ itself has no real ‘power’ ( … _front.htm). And if you think it is drug-induced, definitely speak to Dr. S.

Best wishes Richy, fingers crossed this all soon settles down…

I am going through the same thing man. My anxiety is not so bad to where I am having full blown attacks, but I do walk around with some form of worry all day. I have so many visual problems that I can’t stay calm all day. Here is a post I started a few weeks ago dealing with anxiety after a visit with my Neurologist:

Thanks so much for all the responses guys… it means a lot truly…

Since I have been lowering the dose of Lyrica it seems like the constant worry is gradually decreasing… although I hope I am not speaking to soon!

I have been feeling better the past couple of days as far as anxiety goes… I am starting to think Meds are not right for me… this med has made me feel crap… as did the sibelium… I am honestly thinking about just being as healthy as possible and doing lots of exercise akin to Beatles method…

— Begin quote from "RichyF"

I am starting to think Meds are not right for me… this med has made me feel crap… as did the sibelium… I am honestly thinking about just being as healthy as possible and doing lots of exercise akin to Beatles method…

— End quote

Interesting that you say this Richy. As you know I tried meds, gave up with them, and now just use diet and lifestyle to deal with VM. But I sometimes wonder if I should go back to trialling meds. But then I remember, just as you say here, they ‘made me feel like crap’, I mean REALLY crap, and I just know they are not for me. Fortunately the diet made a dramatic change for the better.

So I’m great on diet but terrible on sleep patterns and regular exercise, so I think I could improve things further by paying proper attentionto those. And Greg’s experience is very inspiring.

Great to hear your anxiety is lessening Richy. Hope you keep improving.


I’m glad to hear the anxiety has been kinder to you of late. I’ve too like many experienced both med and plain old VM anxiety. As a cruel side effect of ami, I got crippling anxiety I couldnt even walk down stairs without feeling like being on the verge of a panic attack. Luckily that passed, but the rapid heart rate didn’t so had to ditch the ami.

I find that caffeine worsens my anxiety so i steer clear from any form.

The only thing that helped me through the VM anxiety not brought on by meds was establishing and repeating my mantra, pure lavender oil and my oil burner. It’s a tough old road anxiety one that shouldn’t have to be travelled, on top of VM but once you learn to not fear it (much much much easier said then done) it gets better.

FWIW the vertigo caused pretty serious anxiety in me. The anxiety (& heart palpitations when lying down) was 100% tied to the vertigo. Basically, when the vertigo got bad past a certain point the anxiety would kick in. When the vertigo would settle down, the anxiety went away. So if you have constant vertigo, the anxiety could be tied to that in some way. I know that doesn’t help you get rid of it, but it might help explain it.

Or not–But that’s how I found it worked in me.

Vestibular disorders are known to cause anxiety. when all this started for me i had a severe panic attacks and one that took me to the ER, bc i thought i was going insane and might hurt myself or others around me. it was the lowest i have been. this was 2 1/2 months ago, which is when all this shit started. i then ended up in the mental ward for 5 days, bc apparently i agreed to be admitted. i dont remember any of it bc they pumped me full of ativan every 3 hours. they also put me on depacote which is not a drug that i should be on. i was in la la land and dont remember half of it. anyway, what i am saying is that these disorders cause anxiety and fear. i am now taking ativan low dose which i am weaning off of now, and i takeNeuronton. the beauty of Neuronton is that it works for both anxiety and MAV. it has helped me tremendously. i really suggest you see a psychiatrist and get on something that will help you through. once your mind is back, you will have the tools to get better. i also suggest therapy during this time. it is helping so much. i feel totally back to normal now.

just know that mav will not kill you. you are safe and you will be ok. remember that this will ease up with the right medications-ease up a lot. once you can get that anxiety out of the way, you can remember that you are safe and you will have the tools to get through. i totally understand how you feel and i am sorry you are going through this. i send you positive vibes

I have been taking Klonopin in Thr morning the past few days and it has helped my anxiety immensely. Hasn’t cured my symptoms per se, but has kept me from worrying about them all day. These days have been so much better…

Sorry you are having a tough time of it.Have you tried Magnnesium citrate? Not the other kind can’t think of what it is called but the citrate is the one that is easily absorbed by your body…I started taking 400mg once a day and I could tell in a few days that my muscles and my mind were more relaxed.I am also on ami,but go to the gym 3 times a week .I know that you can have panics and anxiety at the gym as well as that is my line of work.But you might want to give it a try if it doesn’t interfere with any other meds that you are on.