Constant Dizziness

I’m 23 years old Male and i live in Amsterdam.

I’ll keep it very short. (please don’t mind my English)

29th of July i had Tonsillitis which u can see here … 020128.jpg

I thought like always that it would go away naturally but just in case i made a appointment with the doctor to rule out a bacterial infection. Next day Monday August 1 i woke op and i had this feeling like i was high on drugs or something, or a bit tipsy i got scared and went to the first aid and they said that it was all in my head and i needed to let the infection in my throat heal.

Went back home feeling surreal like I’m not here in this world but somewhere else. Next day i went to my doctor who said that my swollen lymph node and tonsil is giving some pressure to my ‘‘Organ Of Balance’’ in my ear or also known as ‘‘Vestibular’’ and it will go away in 2 weeks and i got some Antibiotics.

After the 7days antibiotics my tonsils and swellings were gone completely but my dizziness was not gone at all!

And then on August 19th i also got Tinnitus in my left ear and i now also have them in my right ear as well!

To make it all short i have had a CAT Scan of my brain which was negative, i had a Balance test where they put me in a chair and sprayed water in my ears etc which also indicated that i don’t have any damage in my inner ear, also did a hearing test before my tinnitus started and it was perfect, also had another hearing test with my tinnitus and my hearing is still good!

Now my ENT guy doesn’t know what it is! He gave up hope and told me i should wait more and see!

I can;t believe i have this! Also it can’t be anxiety because for the past 2-3 weeks i have been going outside laughing with friends etc and putting hope up because i taught it would get better. But today after hearing that even the ENT guy can’t help me i got desperate and started crying and I’m so afraid that i will have this for the rest of my life!

I have feeling of fullness in both my ears and sometimes i get this pain in the ear like a stabbing sharp feeling, and one doctor said that both my eardrums are a bit ‘‘sucked in’’ and that it could be a dysfunction of the Eustachian tube and i got a nose spray that i have been trying now.

The weird thing is i can move around jump and do everything but it does not my dizziness allot worse, just a little! i have this spaced out…surreal…tipsy feeling constantly and i never experienced vertigo. The closest i got to vertigo was in the beginning when i had panic attacks over this and anxiety i felt like i was going to fall trough the ground and had this weird pressure on my head that made it even worse. Eventually i knew that anxiety was the cause of the numbness feeling on my my head forhead and temple so i stay relaxed and haven’t had a headache or anything because of it.

But the dizziness does not stop! The Tinnitus is killing me! and the constant fullnes in my ears makes it worse to! I don’t have any hearing loss so it’s not meniere’s!

It has been 7 weeks and still no improvments!

Will this ever end?! will i ever feel normal again? Will my tinnitus ever go away?! What do i have? Labyrinthitis? Vestabilur Neuritis? MAV? I dont get it!

Please can anyone help me?


Hey Sherry,
SOrry for this going on in your life. There are many people who got triggered after a viral or bacterial infection. There is a good chance that your brain is oversensitive, and that is why you say you get panic attacks and anxiety. For me, I never had a panic attack or anxiety (that was unprovoked), and I never had a headache in my life…especially not a migraine type headache. Then I got this constant dizziness, like I was high or something, and it would not go away. From my worries about my illness I developed anxiety, insomnia and depression. I eventually started getting daily headaches…first time in my life at the age of 42. To say I have migraine was very hard for me to understand and accept, which is pretty normal for many people. We don’t understand it, and it doesn’t make sense.
I think one day they will figure out more to this than what they know now. It may be something that is a variant of “migraine” that will get a new name, because I have not had vertigo either…just that weird lightheaded feeling that is 24/7. I have responded to medications, but they have their side effects. Its strange how it came out of the blue for me and for may others. Something we probably never even heard of!!!
But you are in a good place on this site. There is a wealth of knowledge and support. Things can get better, and education is a good place to start.
Good luck to you.

Hi Sherry,

I am sorry to hear that you have this dizzy junk. It sounds like you had an infection and it has caused vestibular disturbance, may “Labyrinthitis” which causes your inner-ears to not function properly. Labyrinthis usually starts after some kind of respiratory infection, but not always. What I would recommend is “Vestibular Rehabilitation Training Exercises.” It is best to track down a phsiotherapy clinic who specializes in them. Maybe talk to your doctor about this too. Usually VRT’s it can make you feel worse at first, and can take a few months to work, so you have to be persistent and patient. The reason why I think they might benefit you is because you said that you had tonsillitis and swollen lymph nodes. I know that you mentioned that the inner-ear testing came back negative. These tests are not always 100% and if the damage is not significant, it may not detect abnormalities. You said that you never had vertigo, which is a good thing.

Hopefully, this advice will be beneficial to you. I want to mention that VRT’s are effective in helping resolve dizzy symptoms if caused my inner ear infections.

Take care and stay strong…Think positive that you will get better…