Constant vertigo and unbalance

Hey there
A few months back I started getting vertigo that is sometimes 24/7 for days or weeks. Otherwise I am aways off balance. Later I started getting migraines behind my eyes and forehead. I am wondering if MAV is something that can last for long periods of time and appear separate from the actual migraine episode?

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Yes, it can be constant, and no you don’t even have to have a migraine headache. It can all be migraine related with the vertigo/imbalance being as your only symptom. Have you always gotten migraines behind your eyes and forehead? Do you have a history of migraine? If not, I’d recomend seeing your doc right away and have them do an MRI ASAP. It sure sounds like migraine, but it could also be something serious. You want them to rule out other things like a brain aneurysm that could be leaking. Not bursted, but leaking. The symptoms are similar to what you’re describing in both of those conditions.

I only say this because I have a brain aneurysm behind my left eye and I’ve been pretty well informed by my neuro on what to watch for if it’s leaking or bursting. Apparently, behind the eye is a pretty common place for a brain aneurysm. I also have MAV. My aneurysm is very small and doesn’t cause any symptoms. They found it on accident when they did an MRI for my dizziness. The docs at U of M hospital are 100% positive that it isn’t causing my dizziness. It’s more likely migraine, but get checked just in case. Migraine is more common than a brain aneurysm. Hope this helps.


Thank you Greg for your reply, it is much appreciated! No I have never had migraines before. It seems I have more of the ‘silent migraine’ type. I am extremely surprised that its possible migraines can affect balance. I am actually waiting to get an MRI, so that is good. I guess all I can do is wait at this point. Thank you for answering my question though, I had been wondering for a while!


Your welcome. Hope it clears up for you soon.


You might want to get the book Heal Your Headache. It does a great job explaining the mechanism of migraine and how it can cause much more than headache.

Hope you get some relief soon!