Contact for dr s

Hi all,

Could someone give me the contact number for Dr S please at Medway maritime hospital. I’ve recently moved and have misplaced his details during the move!

Many thanks Anna

Also how do I spell dr s name properly please? Having a complete mental block!



sorry dont have the number - if you google it might come up?

Thanks can anyone else help please? Rob, jem, Lizzie? Thanks x

Hi Anna,

Medway number for dr s is 01634 825002.


Thanks dean, how you doing? X

Hi Anna,

I think I’m slowly but surely getting to some of the root causes of all this. My diet was definitely making a difference. I cut out foods which convert to free glutamate in the body when consumed (mainly flavourings, preservatives etc) and within a couple days there was a large decrease in the tinnitus and I was able to use screen use for longer. Unfortunately I over did it a bit on the screens and set myself back. I’ve now got some added stresses at home which are definitely not helping.
I’m currently having counselling/VRT with Shan (dr s team) which also helps - she recommended and anxiety workbook which I’m waiting to arrive. I’m attacking this things from every angle as I’m still not back at work - it’s been 6 months now.

Med wise I’m still on Propranlol 120mg and nori 50mg working up to 75mg. Still think its the prop that’s helping the most.

How are you ?