Coping with health anxiety

She did say the name but the line was bad so I didn’t catch it. Something beginning with B? :joy:

That is Valium.

Might have been Buspirone I just googled anxiety meds. Let you know when I get them :+1:

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I think we are getting slightly off topic here.

Health anxiety is surely not General Anxiety Disorder?

It’s very specific to over-reacting to ones health condition.

Sorry I know I’ve helped lead the conversation off the OP’s point, but let’s be wary not to stray far.

This is used to treat GAD I think? Let’s open a new topic to discuss that when the time comes? Plenty of space on the database for new topics :slight_smile:

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Probably just being pedantic here so it’s not of any significance but …

Anxiety goes alongside vestibular disorders for very obvious reasons. The prospect of suddenly losing ones balance without any/much warning and say ending up, as happened to a friend of mine, in a heap on the shop floor at the supermarket would understandably make anybody anxious. But would that be Health Anxiety? I’m not sure. I’ve always assumed Health Anxiety related to those people who are for ever Worrying about developing some sinister illness so constantly checking for lumps and bumps, looking critically at every innocuous pimple and forever at the Doctors. GAD is another thing altogether. Obviously any state of mind that reduces QoL significantly because the person is in a constant state of flight/fright needs treatment but however they are classed no doubt they’d share the use of the same drugs.

I do have GAD and health anxiety is just one of the ways it manifests. Ironically I’ve never taken meds for it because I’m scared of most meds!

Last night I had a long panic attack because my heart was skipping beats and jolting me from my sleep. Sometimes I felt the jolts in my head and I would gasp involuntarily. I didn’t end up falling asleep until 3 in the morning. Now of course I’m concerned I have some kind of heart arrhythmia. But it really is crazy what anxiety can do to the body.

I would like to see a therapist, but my health expenses are really adding up. Everything is so expensive in the US, even with insurance…

Yea but they are not the same thing.

You can surely develop health anxiety from something like MAV without having had prior issues with anxiety?

Sure, it might put you at greater risk though.

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It is hard to relax for me too. Once a vestibular condition hits us, it triggers our stress response and then it adds to an already difficult condition. I struggle with trauma in my life too and learning to breathe correctly. It helps me to read posts where others share similar feelings. I read up on the nervous system, stress, relaxation…it does not come easy to some of us. About a year ago, we had a PD in my school and the social worker made a presentation on the Trauma Resource Institute and the Community Reslience model. It talks of the how we have sensations in our nervous system and how we can teach ourselves skills such as tracking, resourcing, grounding. It helps to know that you are not alone and that what you are experiencing is shared by so many…that’s why having forums like this where we can openly share and support each other is so wonderful. We can actually speak truthfullly about what we are experiencing especially when our workplace, friends or family can’t.


I totally agree with you with one small caveat. You say ‘It is hard to relax for me too’. There is some kind of feeling abroad that unless you feel relaxed you can’t be feeling better. And so if you don’t relax, you’ve somehow failed?

If whatever you do helps you progress, increases the gaps between stress, reduces the level of stress when it’s there, then it is good for you. You don’t have to feel relaxed!

No, “relaxation” and feeling better dealing with chronic or temporary illness are separate. You can feel better from a chronic illness, you don’t have to “relax”. You know when the symptoms are caused by the migraine. No, not at all, you have not failed if you didn’t relax. The best way is to be yourself, even if you are naturally a bit anxious, as I am. I was just a shy child and it was due to trauma and as an adult I learned to over come it a lot but it is still a part of me. I was not good at expressing myself or “talking” with others, and when I had to change careers, becoming a teacher helped me to talk in front of a class, especially when I also taught adults. Now it is hard for me because walking those long hallways with all those flourescent lights is the same as walking in supermarkets. I dread it and it triggers nervousness in me. I am teaching myself how to make friends with my nervousness, and keep going despite it. However still a work in progress!

Guys I think we are getting off topic here.

Health Anxiety is specific.

Here’s a good definition:



“A morbid concern about one’s own health and exaggerated attention to any unusual bodily or mental sensations; a delusion that one is suffering from some disease for which no physical basis is evident.”

Source: Health anxiety | definition of Health anxiety by Medical dictionary

This is not the same thing as general anxiety.

I’ve had this and I know the mechanism is distinct.

I’d say a modern behavioural element of this sub-condition is incessant Googling to find alternative diseases that might explain your symptoms which can often cause you to panic and feel very pessimistic and depressed.

Let’s try to keep on Topic.

I’m a bit late to this sorry. I was in a very similar position with old complex trauma triggering when I had vertigo. It’s a lot to deal with but I initially had counselling to help with the anxiety but was referred to her supervisor for EMDR treatment This has really helped. For me the triggering made the dizziness and ability to cope much worse. I am now much better I have meds and supplements from my consultant and therapy. Together they help. I also had some physio and do regular yoga. Word of warning…I do practice meditation but it’s not something to tackle without support as you have to sit with difficult feelings which is hard. Good luck xx

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