Coping with stress with MAV

Hi All

I know that stress definitely makes my symptoms worse. Have been good in past year and have deliberately took myself out of situations that may lead to stress however, my dad is dying, my mums health poor and needing lots of support and I am finding my stress levels rising and I don’t know what to do about it? I am not the woman I was 18 months ago and able to to run around like a headless chicken and do loads of stuff, I am only just managing to get my life back. So frightened that all this stress is going to put me right back to where I was - housebound, helpless and hopeless.

Do any of you have any stress busting tips? Anything would be helpful.


Hey Ang,

Are you doing a little better in yourself? I remember what a hard time you were going through. I agree stress management is so important. I’m sorry you have so much going on besides the dizziness. I find laying down flat and closing my eyes and just deep breathing for 10 mins v helpful, sOrt of like meditation!! Finding time to be still and calm…also small things like drinking lots of water, resting regularly, eating well, gentle exercise. Recently some peoPle have said massage helps? Xxx

Thanks for your reply dizzielizzie but the laying down one still can’t do. As soon as my eyes close I begin to spin and that is stressful in itself so can’t use that for stress relief. Definitely trying to eat healthier though. I quite like the idea of massage so long as I don’t have to lie down. May try that one. Thanks again. Angela

Oh yes I forgot about your probs lying down…maybe try the same thing sitting in a chair. I’m sure if you went to a salon and explained about not being able to lie down they would give you massage sitting. Hope you get relief. Xx

Did this ever get better? X