I have been on 100mg of CoQ-10 3 times a day for around 2.5 months now. Definitely have seen a significant reduction in migraines almost 50% during this past month! On the down side I have really been struggling with insomnia (like awake all night with infrequent extremely light dozing periods) for several weeks now. It is driving me crazy! My MAV symptoms seemed to be improving last month and are now returning. I also take magnesium, calcium, vit D3, multi-vit, B2, and B complex. I googled them all an d only CoQ-10 came up with any associations of insomnia. Any one else have any problems with it?

Hi Andrea,

I took CoQ-10 for a while along with a plethera of other supplements. I can’t say that I noticed any worsening of my sleep troubles, but I have never been a good sleeper anyway. Would it help if you avoided taking a dose late in the day?


Hi Andrea,

A 50% headache reduction is pretty good and about whay you’d expect according to the literature. One study by Rozen et al, 2002, found that 150 mg daily reduced headache frequency by more than 50% after 3 months of therapy. I think you could try doing what Marci has suggested and drop the dose by at least 100 mg and see if that relieves the insomnia. You should still have this added migraine control at 200 mg.

Interestingly, it has been proposed that migraine may be a result of mitochondrial impairment (Bresolin et al, 1991; Koo et al, 1993). Mitochondria are the little organelles inside your cells and are the power source for cellular energy ( Mitochondrial dysfunction resulting in impaired oxygen metabolism has been suggested for kicking off migraine. CoQ10 is necessary for the whole energy-producing cycle within the mitochondria and it’s proposed that bumping up Q10 improves brain and muscle metabolism in patients with mitochondrial problems. Anyway, that may be the mechanism and thought you might be interested in knowing how it possibly works.

Best … Scott 8)

I take a very similar regiment and had felt that it was beneficial. I have been skipping it for about the last week or 2 because I was afraid that it might be jacking me up along with my Lexapro experience. I will begin tomorrow taking it religiously again because I feel so terrible and that might be contributing. I have a history of sleep issues but haven’t noticed this causing trouble. I do, however, take stuff for sleep nightly, so it might cause a problem for me if I weren’t.