Could I have MAV?

I have been messed up for 2 years. I dont have headaches but I feel pressure in head my ears feel full and my balance feels off even though I have no trouble functioning,I feel like I am on a boat sometimes I feel mildly lightheaded sometimes mildly dizzy,it was very bad in the beginning and has since tapered off a lot but still there to a smaller degree. Have been to neurotologists, neurologists , had cat scans MRI’s …nothing has come up except on the hearing test 1 doctor said the dix hall pike test was a little off and maybe I needed sessions with a physical therapist which did nothing at all. I have had a couple auras,no headache though. I have been to a TMJ specialist had a splint made which helped a little but I am still off and its all the time,I dont know what to do and neither do any of the doctors.I am at the end of my rope!Does this sound like MAV and what could I take to help?Thanks Lolli

Talk to your dr about B2, my neurologist recommended 400 mg a day. I don’t necessarily have a boat feeling but I get these horrible vertigo spells aat night when I sleep that have been anywhere from 10 minutes to hours. I also get head migraines but since I have been taking the b2 religiously, my migraines have decreased dramatically. Talk to your Doctor about this, there is some info online about B2 and migraine, just google it

Hope this helps!


I will buy some B2 on my next day off. I am going to the only headache specialist/TMJ specialist in southern Ca.,you think he would know this.He NEVER even mentioned MAV to me before. He tried to put me on clonopin, whats the point of that ? That makes me feel really off! I also notice sometimes I do feel like I have had a drink or 2 when I haven’t ,I hate that feeling.

Hi Luci,

I have read that the rocking boat sensation is a symptom of mav. You may want to try the migraine diet and see how you do.


yes,I have the heal your headache book, even though I do not get headaches(My husband had a headache for 3 yrs). Thought about trying the diet but I am afraid of going off caffeine I really need my coffee,I should try it though I know.


I started out drinking half decaf with the real stuff. It helped alot to calm the symptoms. I do find that if I get a migraine I drink the real stuff and it knocks it out. You will feel better and yes get use to it, caffene only keeps the blood vessels in a state of constriction and dialation which makes the dizziness worse.

yes I could do that but next time I see my dr. I am going to ask if he can give me one of the drugs they use for MAV just to see if it helps,what is so difficult is that I NEVER get a break, even though I have noactual pain I have discomfort all the time nothing helps and I work 2 jobs that physically require a lot of stamina and perfect balance,even though I feel off,head pressure,lightheaded rocky boat sensation I actually have perfect balance which I think is a little odd…