Could i have migraine associated vertigo?

Could i have migraine associated vertigo? I’m 22 years old and for the last few months, every so often while at work i suffer from severe dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and imbalance. When i get home i have a sleep and when i wake up i have a massive throbbing headache but the dizziness is gone. I have been surfing the net and these symptoms seem to fit, but i’d like to know if anyone has experienced the same thing and if so, how you deal with it.


Yes, definitely. It sounds like the dizziness you experience is part of an aura. I have had that many times myself. Dizziness and derealisation for about an hour or two and then headache for the rest of the day.

You should visit your doctor and get a referral, vertigo can be caused by so many things, and the symptoms are very similar so it can be difficult to get a diagnosis.

I read that it is now believed that migraine could be one of the most common causes of vertigo in the UK, though for most it is occasional so goes unreported.

You must get yourself checked out though as it can on very rare occasions be a symptom of something more serious

Good luck and hope you feel better soon