Could this be MAV?

In 2006 after a horrible throat infection which was treated with antibiotics and then placed on a beta blocker since it was making my blood pressure go up (I have graves thyroid disease so it’s dangerous for me if my heart rate and BP go up)…

After a couple of months of being on the beat blocker my vision went flat almost, like I had no depth perception. I decided to wean off of it and after 2 weeks of being off I got horrible anxiety and depression. A panic attack put me into this weird detached feeling. I woke up one morning around that time with vertigo. I vomited and it eventually got better, but for months afterward I was off balance. After being treated w/ an SSRI things slowly got better. However, a couple of years later in 2008 I started weaning off the SSRI and now I am getting headaches all the time and was getting migraines 4 or 5 times a week with general off balance feeling. My migraines are usually right sided and maybe this is why it throws me off balance. I very rarely get vertigo, but always get the off balance with a migraine. I have started a gluten free diet, even after testing neg. for celiac’s, and this has helped bring my actual migraines down from 5 days a week to twice a month if that :)… the big problem for me now is that all of the headaches came with persistent aura… I have visual snow, after images, trailing vision, etc. Does anyone else have these vision problems?? Also to note, I have severe light/night sensitivity. I get very disoriented in fluorescent lighting which triggers migraines for me. Also when the sun starts going down for some reason it triggers this weird feeling in my eyes and makes me feel completely out of it. I should note I also have the spacey out of it feeling pretty much all of the time. If I keep myself busy I forget about it, but it’s always there. I am always tired too. I have a deviated septum and am not sure if this has anything to do with it.

Thank you!

The spaced out feeling can definitely be caused by migraine. But I would see a specialist who can consider differential diagnosis just to make sure.

It sounds like mav to me. I would suggest reading the book Heal Your Headache. It helps put things in perspective. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Do you have a neurologist?
Hope you get feeling better!!

Sorry it took so long for the reply. I have seen a neurologist who says it’s a form of migraine. He wants to put me on a medicine for it, but I am hesitant since trying meds in the past and vision getting worse.

Can vision be more of a problem than dizziness? The only time I am dizzy is with an actual migraine (1 sided migraine pain affecting 1 side of my head as well as eye), being in a store with fluorescent lights… like my brain goes on over drive, or being in front of a computer for too long (get a quick dizzy zap). 2 days ago my eyes seemed dizzy (hard to explain really)…

I hear stories about others having my symptoms and getting no answers. :frowning:


I have all the vision issues you have described, all the time, 24/7, persistant aura. Including the thign when the sun goes down!!! I thought I was going mad…

And I’ve been diagnosed with chronic migraine/mav/whatever they want to call it.

I have to admit to feeling a little relieved that there’s someone out there who has the same as me… I havent found very many people who say they have the vision issues 24/7.

I’m here too :slight_smile: