Could this be True?

Hi Everyone:

I find this site very intriguing. I have been dx with Meniere’s in my R ear about 3 years ago. Saw dr. Shea III in Memphis, and had shunt surgery. It worked for about 6 months and had a shunt revision by a Dr. Turner here in Ohio this past February. THAT worked for about 6 months and just last week saw Dr. Hain in Chicago. He dx “silent” migraines , BPPV and hyyrops now in my L ear as well, , had BPPV therapy yesterday morning and starting varapmil (sp?) tonite for the invisible migraines. I have never heard of such a thing… I do know everything I did for menier’s except the shunt didn’t work, and I did EVERYTHING. I have never had rotational vertigo, just constant “fall down” feeling vertigo. And I mean constant. I have the sensitivity to lights, numb chin and “floating” feeling as well.

I am hoping this works and that is was migraines without pain for years? Could that be true??? I have only had about 5 headaches in my entire life and they were minor, I have never had a headache with this new “silent” migrain dx. what do you think? :?:

I never had headaches either. Just the dizziness but now after 4 years I get the pain. I was dx by Dr Battista in Chicago 4 years ago. I could not believe it either, but now the time goes by and the changes in my symptoms, I know its true. Mav is a wacky thing in the symptoms one can get. Dr Hain is a very good Dr, I would tend to think hes right about the dx.