Could this really happen that quick?

I know ill sound mad but for years everytime I colour my hair, within 10 to 20 mins of the colour being on my head I get an extremely swimmy, dizzy sensation. Not unlike my attcks. That was one symptom that the docs couldn’t explain when the said it was inner ear! Coukd a trigger happen that fast? Once its washed off, about ten mins later I’m back to baseline. So weird but maybe another hint its MAV?

Dunno, but I have trouble just walking in to a beauty parlor, wimp that I may be.

Definitely another hint that it’s migraine. A lot of migraineurs are extremely sensitive to smells/fumes, particularly those of a ‘chemical’ nature.

The heater (donno Wat it is called) is placed over your head so the colour sticks. That could b a trigger for MAV as well