Could you describe your auras?

I’ve had the floating dandelion heads, halos around objects so bright as to be blinding, and tracers. Today I’m experiencing the same sort of visual phenomenon as one would get when skiing on a semi-sunny day. There’s a sort of constant rippling around my vision that seems to flow in towards the middle.

I’ve been waking up with high dizziness that fades back into background noise after a few hours. This snow-blindness, in addition to nausea with reading, seems to be coinciding with those mornings when I wake up with more intense dizziness.

Thanks for any input.

I get a blind spot in my vision first very hard to explain but I will look at something and a piece will be missing from my vision.
Then I get waves like ripples in one eye so much i can barely see and then it goes to the other eye that lasts about 10 mins , then they change colour to green and orange normally and filter through my eyes for about 30 mins.
Then it just goes back to the original eye it started in and then its just in the corner of my vision.
After I have one of this I usually feel euphoric for a while then I get exhausted .

It never lasts longer than an hour if it does i would look into basilar migraine?

Does it sound familar?