Crash ( again)

So I had been doing quite well on Lyrica maximum dose and 70% better. Then yesterday, really bad dizziness form no where and today feeling rough. Now I wonder if the drugs have stopped working or and here I have a confession, I ate an entire coffee cake 4 days ago and binged on a whole tube of clotted cream ice cream and two packages of biscuits. ( history of bingeing when depressed) The day after I did feel odd rather faint . So is it the drugs stopped working or the bingeing?

Also does anyone else find that they cannot bare to have their head touched with this disorder?

Hi Fiona

Sorry you’re feeling crap again. Just wondering what your understanding of 'maximum dose for Lyrica is. And is this according to Dr S?

On the whole I’m doing well with lyrica, but like you I have crap days seemingly out of nowhere. Also feel rough around my period. I’m not due for my review till September and am wondering if the good doc will increase my dose.

Dizzy Izzy x

Oh Fiona, I love it! Whole coffee cake, tube of icecream and 2 pks biscuits :shock: What a blow out! I think you may find that it definitely contributed to your lack of well being yesterday!

I have definitely felt worse after a binge of sweet carbs. Still do it it now and again though :twisted: Dont think I have ever had a whole cake yet!

Also I have a friend with a lot of migraines and she cant bare to have her head touched. I dont get this, but she says that when she touches her own head, it makes her dizzy.


Fiona - wow! When you go, you go hard! :lol: Yeah, I’m thinking the binge may have something to do with your feeling rough.

The tender head pain thing is called allodynia. If you do a search on that in the forum you’ll get lots of hits. I don’t get it personally, but plenty do.


There is another pain thing I think called vulvadynia, and womens girlie bits get very painful. Cymbalta and amitriptyline both good for this type of pain.

Thanks for your responses girls. Dizzy Izzy, I’m on the maximum dose of 600 a day . So take heart you can go that high. Yes a good b inge but mild compared to my real bingeing day which I find I can no longer do…mind you Christmas is fun.