Crazy job interview

Hey guys,

I just had to tell you about this interview I had. I’m telling the story because it’s important to know that even though MAV symptoms can seem insurmountable and totally hideous, it doesn’t have to steal opportunity from your life. So I found out last week that I had an interview lined up for today in an organisation I REALLY want to work for. Good cash etc and it’s right up my alley in terms of evidence-based research on drugs – the safe and effective use of them. But these sorts of things really wind me up being raked over the coals by a panel like this. I hate being put under a microscope like that.

For the last few days I was quite anxious about this and, of course, MAV symptoms sky-rocketed. So bad yesterday I was not able to use my Mac at all. I couldn’t even read a page of text without visual vertigo going batshit crazy. Super dizzy. Last night I woke about 5 times with my heart in my throat as I was drifting across the bed. And then heading in to the interview I was fending off a panic attack and severe head fog.

What saved my ass was three things:

  1. NEVER fear this illness no matter how much it feels like you’re going to completely lose your mind. When you fear it, you lose and it wins.
  2. Valium. This little wonder drug from the gods allowed me to get the sleep I needed even if I woke several times and to kep my sh*t together today even though I was still on the verge of full blown panic about 6 times. I just kept topping up on it for the last 2 days and it took the edge off all symptoms. It’s my crutch.
  3. Breathing, breathing, breathing. I just regulated my breath consciously all through the day and the interview and I never lost the plot even though still very dizzy and derealised.

So no doubt the mother of all migraine headaches will hit me tomorrow. The let down form hell but I am just so relieved the interview is over and I feel like I performed well. It’s almost euphoric when the anxiety goes. Even if I don’t get the job I feel like it’s a win against the 800 lb gorilla. :shock:


Great post Scott.
I hope you get the job! When you do, we can celebrate with a nice bubbly glass of soda water!! Oh yeah…you won’t be there…darn! :slight_smile:


Well done Scott - no matter what the outcome of the interview (although really hope you get the job!)


It will be AWESOME if you get the job. Especially if you get free drugs as well.


— Begin quote from “Victoria”

Especially if you get free drugs as well.


— End quote


only if he shares :slight_smile:

Hey, maybe you can sleep in tomorrow and fool it!

Hi Scott

Really hope u get the job!

I had the inverse experience on Monday. I interviewed 8 candidates for post of a junior clinician. I’d spent the previous whole day on my laptop shortlisting the 81 applicants down to 8. This triggered a nasty MAV resurgence (I’m already in the middle of a prolonged bout) nice and ready for the interviews. So I took a clonazepam and spent the whole day in a fluorescent-lit cupboard reeling off the same 6 questions, nodding in the right places. God was I spinning. Clonazepam started to wear off half-way thru candidate number 2. I crawled home at 6.45pm and am still suffering. I think I’m taking too much clonazepam (almost daily) and i’m developing a tolerance. Do u find Valium loses its effectiveness if u overdo it? I’m wondering if I should try V instead. Apparently it’s not as potent as C as they use it to wean people off C who are having bad withdrawal symptoms.

Dizzy Izzy

Scott - wow, way to gut it out. That’s really encouraging, and I cannot believe that you guys could get through job interviewing while dizzy… But, I even surprise myself sometimes what I can do at work when really feeling quite out of it. Hope you get the job. Either way, YOU win…
what kinds of drugs would you get?? LOL


Did u end up getting this job in 2010?

Thank you for sharing your experience Scott. I really appreciate that.

My fingers are crossed that you get the job!

My best - Molly

Good news Scott.

I find job interviews really stressful. They always seem to require a tie, bright lights, worry about every word spoken, hyper-attention to detail. I always crash afterwards.

Luckily I have not had any since MAV hit me!

That was a while ago – 2 years! I did get the job and I’m still there now. It’s everything and more I hoped it would be. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile: