Ok guys…just need a little reassurance that I anm not alone in this and not crazy…So as most of youu know I just moved on Sept 1st and my daughter started school for the 1st time on the 2nd…well I thought i was adjusting fairly well considering I went from us living in our own house to a house with my mother in law and her boyfriend and I have to get up two hours earlier to get her up to school and I havent been dizzy (rarely) in about 5 or 6 months (been sick a total of year adn a half) and the past few days I have been very dizzy and off blanace and my coordination seems “off” (thats a new one) plus sometimes I get mixed up talking like my brain and my mouth arent working together well…Im just freaked out a bit adn havent been sleeping that well lately and just want to know that the coordination and the brain/mouth thing is vestibular and or anxiety and nothing something new and scary…so please tell me a lot of you have had this…

Sounds like you have a terminal illness.
Just kidding. :mrgreen:

Don’t worry about it.


I think you’re right

I would get to the ER… RIGHT!!! away, put the kids in the car… DONT wait!
This could be a sure sign of STROKE!!! sluring words is on the list thats for sure!!


I think you’re right

If the speech thing is getting your words back to front when you speak etc., this is normal in any sort of migraine. I get this a lot when I am more migrainous than usual. As far as I know, slurring words, unless under the influence! is not.
Best Wishes

i am not slurring them just messing them up…

I think your right :mrgreen: