Cricket sounds followed by dizziness

I am hoping to get information for my husband’s condition, as the numerous doctors we have been seeing have not provided any assistance. My husband suffers from what the doctor’s believe to be migraine related dizziness. He has had every test that is possible with everything coming back as “normal”. His symptoms are the following: prior to his dizziness he has a cricket sound in his ear followed by brief periods of dizziness. The dizziness usually comes with 12-15 dizziness spells in a very short period of time. They normally come while he is driving or relaxing. The doctor has placed him on Topamax and nothing has changed. The only solution the doctor has is to continue to increase the medication. Has anyone else had these same symptoms? My husband has had this on and off for 3 years. So far we have no answers. Hope someone can offer some suggestions. lee52

I feel for you. I am still seeing numerous doctors hoping to get assistance and no real luck yet. It’s been 6 years. My symptoms are quite different, actually. What tests have been done?

Has he tried anti-migraine diet for 8-12 weeks? that can be quite revealing if this is really MAV.

Topamax the wonder drug. If he stays on it, be sure you get some biotene mouthwash and toothpaste and tell him to be diligent about using the stuff and to floss lots. One of the things they don’t tell you is all the side effects, one of which is dry mouth, which can cause zillions of cavities and gum problems before you become aware of it. Biotene helps prevent this.

I am on topamax now…it does seem to be helping, but the side effects for me have been very unpleasant, so I am staying on a low dose. I am told that some people never have side effects, but who these miraculous people are we don’t know, because nobody ever hears from them. I think they are off with the unicorns in the land of myth.

Kidney stones, aphasia, and numb hands and feet are some of the more usual side effects of topamax…I get numb tongue, numb face, sort of mania panic attacks, numb feet, word replacement, word loss, confusion, and once I figured out what was going on I started tapering it back down. It took less than 25 mg to make a difference for me, but everyone is different. For other people it makes no difference no matter what the dose.

Maybe your husband will be one of the people who doesn’t have any side effects. let us know.

There are other drugs with no dangerous or unpleasant side effects that can be tried before this one, such as verapamil. they tried that on me and it had no effect but lowered my blood pressure nicely so I am still on it, what the heck.

Welcome Lee52,

I just got diagnosed on Friday so I have much to learn and little to offer. I just wanted to welcome you and I hope the doctor can find a solution for your husband.