Cruising with MAV

Hi Everyone, Three months ago I booked to go on a cruise to the South Pacific for 11 days in January 2013… Now after having been in hospital with possible having MAV, and seeing an ENT next Tuesday to investigate any other possibilities before I start medication… I am a bit nervous the cruise will affect me/give me vertigo/make the MAV or other condition (if it’s not MAV) worse. Has anyone else on here been on a cruise with MAV? Or any other vestibular disorder? I really want to go on the cruise, but I hope I don’t feel sick the whole time.
Thanks, Krista.

Not quite the same, but in the last week I’ve been on lots of different boats as I’ve been in Croatia. I was quite nervous about how I’d feel. I was fine.
Except one particularly bad boat taxi crossing during a storm- I really had to struggle not to be sick. But the dizziness was never elevated really just remained the same.
As you’re on such a big ship, you prob wont notice too much movement so hopefully you should be ok. I know it’s difficult not to get anxious about it though.

Thanks heaps for your reply :slight_smile: Thanks again for your response.