CSF pressure reduction results at Duke

Hi everyone,
Well, the pressure reduction did not work instantly. I have not had any changes in the vertigo. Although I was extremely disappointed I talked to Dr. Gray for a long time this morning and she told me not to give up hope. I don’t have a headache which is a good sign. Hopefully the pressure reduction will just take time for my poor migraine brain to calm down. She said the vestibular nerve is just so sensitive. I still believe in what they do at Duke regarding CSF pressure issues it just was not a quick fix for me. Maybe it will take some time as she said. I just wanted to update you’ll.
I don’t want the fact that it was not a quick fix for me to discourage anyone else interested in doing this. Just bc it didn’t cure me overnight does not mean it may not work for others.
Thanks for all the support!

So sorry to hear this.But appreciate your positive attitude and hope for others.I hope that things calm down for you vertigo wise and maybe it wasn’t overnight but will come with time.I wish for relief for you.
When you say vertigo,are you talking bouts of vertigo or constant dizziness?

Thank you James. I have constant dizziness, like a rocking, swaying, false motion sensation.


I have been thinking of you today. I am sorry that the reduction didn’t cause instant relief. Hopefully, it will in time! I am hoping so much for you. You were very brave to also start effexor today. I wish you the best of luck with that as well. are the docs at duke on board with the effexor? are you also taking diamox or are you first seeing if reduction helps?

I hope you can relax somewhat (although I know it’s tough with these symptoms) after today’s appt. You were very brave to try, and your determination will help to get you well.


I got your email, thank you so much for all your encouragement, you are so sweet! It was hard for me to post this especially with you in mind bc I don’t want you to be discouraged. I struggled with posting it or not bc I don’t want you to lose hope. This very well may still be the answer for me and for you as well. Thank you again for being so supportive!

That is very considerate of you. Thank you. Don’t ever hesitate to post about your experience. We are here to support you and i, too, hope so much that this is our answer