Ct scan?

I have been having vertigo, headaches, nausea and other symptoms since November. I asked my gp for a brain ct scan and I had one on Friday. My gp rang tonight and said it showed lesions and they want me to have an mri scan. He can’t refer me directly for one so he is referring me to a neurologist.
He said its not cancer or a stroke and he just wants to get to the bottom of me feeling like this.
Has anyone else had this? Can migraine cause lesions? I am trying not to worry but it’s hard.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. I understand how worried you must feel but try not to be. This may help. I went to see Dr Silver a couple of weeks ago. He mentioned that I could have an mri scan if I wished. He said he didn’t feel it was needed though as my physical examination was normal. He said that often mri scans can show up the most minuscule of things, things that you would never have been aware of. Things that do not need any treatment even. He went on to say that these things cause huge anxiety for patients when they needn’t be worried.

I am not saying don’t go for your scan. You definitely should if your dr has recommended it.
However, try to think positively. I am not a dr so can’t say for sure but it may well be that a ct scan may be showing things that you don’t actually need to worry about. Lesions may well be very common.

I hope that everything goes well for you x x x

I have had my eyes tested at the opticians and all was ok and my gp did Neuro tests and they were fine. I will just have to see.

I have just had a little look on the net re: migraine causing lesions. I am no expert but it appears that they can.
I hope that helps relax you somewhat.
X x

Thankyou. I don’t want to google because it brings up the worst case scenario and I will focus on the worst and convince myself this is what I have.

I can understand that! I am the same. Dr Silver told me to stop looking on the Internet. It can be great but it can also be dangerous!

Try to stay positive. I am sure everything will be absolutely fine. Keep us posted as to how you get on.

Kathy x x x

I know googling is my downfall. I have diagnosed myself with all kinds and never been right yet.

Anybody else had a brain ct scan and had lesions on?

I have read many times that people with migraine can have these brain lesions and they are harmless. They probably want to rule out MS but it is much more likely to be a harmless lesion so don’t worry x

Yes, zipster, I also have brain lesions. Take a look at a post made by Brenda on 26 Mar 2013, 11:29. It’s an article about brain abnormalities and something I thought was interesting says: “[Dr. Massimo] Filippi said it has been known for a long time that migraine patients harbor white matter lesions of possible vascular origin.” In 2005 my MRI showed three white matter lesions. I’ve had at least one more MRI since then and nothing had changed. Since my neurological tests were normal (I was referred to four different doctors) none of them were concerned. My neurologist said if they did MRIs on everybody in the world, they’d find the same thing on many people who have no other symptoms. I believe Dr. Buchholz also mentioned MRI findings in his book, “Heal Your Headache.”

Hope this helps.

I had an mri 4 years ago that was ok but started with bad vertigo etc in November and haven’t felt ill since. I had a normal migraine a few weeks before I woke up with vertigo. I have been to the opticians and all was fine and my gp did Neuro tests which were fine.

I am just bothered because I had an mri 4 years ago that showed nothing and I have felt awful since November.

I just found this section from, “Heal Your Headache” by Dr. David Buchholz: “At least several times a year I evaluate people with numbness and tingling – due to migraine but unrecognized as such – who have been told they have multiple sclerosis (MS) based partly on symptoms and partly on nonspecific, inconsequential findings – little bright spots – on MRI scans. (Such findings can also be associated with migraine, or most often are best regarded as just plain normal, since they’re so common.) Ironically, these scans typically were ordered to provide reassurance that the individual didn’t have a brain tumor, or whatever, but instead ended up creating a nightmare of anxiety.”

I’ve had several MRIs, and they indeed created anxiety since possible MS was listed as a cause of lesions. If my doctor thought it was important that I have another MRI, I’d have it. And it did ease my mind about other conditions, such as tumor. Just be aware, zipster, that “abnormalities” aren’t always so “abnormal” after all. My best wishes for your health.

Saw my gp yesterday and he said I have 3 shadows/lesions and because of my age and the symptoms I have been having it needs investigating. He said I will probably have further bloods done for antibodies and maybe a lumbar puncture so I know they are thinking ms. I asked if migraine or m.e could cause lesions but he said no but I know this isn’t true and also read lymes disease can too.

I have a few (I think three or four) “small spots” on my MRI. I’ve had a non-contrast MRI and a contrast MRI within 4 months of one another. Both reports read that the spots were “normal benign findings consistant with age and/or migraine activity.”

The reports were written BEFORE the diagnosis was provided. I remember my mom (who has since passed away from completely unrelated issues) had issues with dizziness and when she had an MRI they identified spots on her brain too–told her they had no idea what they were, but that they were “normal” for her age and nothing that they were concerned about.

Now I’m thinking–Huh–Mom had this stupid stuff too–we just didn’t know it back then.

I have them too - WMLs or white matter lesions. Very common with migraine. I didn’t have any prior to the car wreck that started my migraines but my scan about 6 months after the wreck showed them. I have gotten a few more over the years, especially since my migraines increased over the years.