Curious Question

I am going to see an orthopedic doctor on Thursday for some neck and shoulder problems that have been giving me problems for some time. just to see if something else may be causing these abnormal symptoms. I have numbness in my arm especially when i sleep at night and have had problems with my neck for years but just dealt with it to this point.

I used to “pop” my own neck to relief the pain( stupid I know) but just wondering could I have damaged something that could have caused or contributed to this problem of the motion intolerance since the neck is one of the parts of the body that controls balance.

I am hoping he can do some test and tell without just wanting to put me on medication as I know that my tolerance for that would be very low.

Has anyone else had any experience with any of this, what might I expect.


No idea what the orthopedic doctor will be like but I’d bet the farm that your neck problems are all migraine-related. Mine have certainly been for years … I only realised it was migraine over the last 2 years. Prior to that, I wasted thousands of dollars on spinal manipulation, physio … and on it goes. They all gave temporary relief until I was exposed to another migraine trigger and then I was back at square one. If I avoid triggers, the neck problems vanish.

Scott 8)

I agree, I suffered with intense neck and shoulder pain after my migraines had been a problem for a few years and vertigo had started, and never realized that the three were related. I would experience what I called a neck jam from time to time. I could not turn my head and the orthopedic surgeon I saw told me there was nothing surgery could do for a muscular problem. I felt like saying I did not come to you to be operated on, I simply thought you may be able to tell me what was happening to me and offer some advice, but he was not very helpful. My physical therapist suggested that I may have cervical vertigo. Other members of this forum are very knowledgeable about this and have been treated for it. Massage therapy is very helpful, too. I have a balance disorder so it is a constant struggle as the muscles are always working to keep me erect. I feel that contributes to my muscle tension and the knots that form regularly. If you have a lot of dizziness or imbalance, you may be dealing with something similar.

Or, yes MAV can certainly cause neck pain and tension. Finding a way to get some relief on a regular basis is the best remedy.