Curious-Were Everyday Foods Your Triggers?


As I am on this diet, it is hard for me to believe that I may find out that foods that I have eaten everyday for almost 20 years might be triggers. (For me I have eaten banannas and yogurt almost everyday). I was wondering if any of you found out foods that you ate all the time were trggers for you? Just curious. Thanks!

As i understand it anyone could have a migraine but most peoples threshold levels are naturally high so it would take many many triggers to set it off. For people who suffer MAV/migraine the threshold level has got set much lower so it only takes a few triggers to cause chronic symptoms. I am not sure why the threshold gets low, maybe from having a period of stress or labyrinthitis/a virus??
Anyway this means that anything you used to eat or do would be irrelevant now because your threshold is just too low to cope with any triggers.
Does this make sense?

I used to drink cola until it came out my ears and eat bars of chocolate each night and never had any affects, now a small amount of either can make me feel ill for days :confused:

Thank you Dee. I have not heard it explained that way. That does make sense. I really have to start thinking of my previous hormonal migraines as something completely different from MAV. (to a degree)

Your previous hormonal symptoms were caused by migraine but i guess your threshold level has since gotten worse so other things affect you too. Loads of things trigger me off but periods is definately one of them esp a day or so before.

Caffeine is a big trigger for me although I can eat chocolate as long as I do not over do it. I followed the migraine diet for a couple of months when I was first diagnosed. When I started adding things back in the only thing that made me sick was Caffeine. I have accidently drank two drinks since then that had caffeine in them that I thought were caffeine free and was very sick within 20 minutes.


I have tried to follow the migraine diet and am now reintroducing foods. I do eat yogurt and it doesn’t seem to bother me. Last week I ate guoda cheese and within an hour I started to get sick. I got a traditional migraine for 48 hours followed by 24 hours of worsening dizziness, vertigo. I have eaten mozzarella and not had a problem but this was the first time I had an obvious food trigger. Usually stress, tiredness puts me over the edge.