Cymbalta Dizzier?

Did anyone get dizzier when starting Cymbalta or any other SSRI??

Yup – I was worse on Cipramil for about a weeek or two but then it all came good. The dizziness it caused was not too bad though and I was able to keep working. S

Hi Scott, is that the same as Celexa? How many mg do you take?

Oh, I see in another thread you said it was Lexapro. thanks

Yup, same stuff. I don’t use it anymore because of the headaches it caused me but when I did, I was never on any more than 15 mg. Maintenance dose was 10 mg. I’m on a very low dose of Paxil right now. I may throw down a dose of Prothiaden on Thursday night as a trial and try to ditch the Paxil.


Think you’ve got them confused.

Cipramil = Celexa = citalopram

Lexapro = Cipralex = escitalopram


Jolivew have you tried cymbalta yet? i was given samples but am afraid to take them don’t know why just am.

What dose cymbalta are you taking?
Chris, believe me when I tell you I was totally in your boat… Frozen with fear… I got so far down and out I just raised a white flag and gave in. Things are better when you get some help via the chemical balance that is not working. When you find the strength, you just have to get fearless and demand to take your life back. I finally got to the point where I was so very tired of feeling bad I almost was angrily thinking “bring it on” to whatever side effects were coming. Surprisingly, the Cymbalta has been pretty easy to tolerate.

just 15 mg, for 3 days. Very dizzy and impossible to sleep even with xanax… I guess I will have to switch.

jolivew that’s why i am scared - they gave me 30 mg samples - no way - i take baby dosages of everything and i cant cut those that’s why i’m leaning towards the celexa more and more or lexapro but sounds like celexa more tolerated. I want to start super small.

Kelley you are lucky it’s helping - does it get rid of dizzies and anxiety>


I was taking amitriptyline for about 3-4 weeks before starting cymbalta. I think it’s helped me get on the cymbalta because it was already hitting the serotonin and norepinephrine receptors. That makes them get used to and “downregulate” so you don’t get that wired feeling. I started really low in ami… Worked up to 20 mg then started at 10 mg cymbalta in the mornings. Followed by a little Klonopin. I eased up on it and was quite determined to give it a fair go. It does help dizziness and anxiety, although not completely eliminated.

I think Celexa an easier one to start, but one SSRI more prone to sexual se’s and weight gain. Everyone is different but that’s what the generalizations say.
If I were at square one and trying my first drug, I would choose nortriptyline. Just saying…

How funny my neuro said the tricyclics are the worst for weight gain not the SSRIs. guess everyone has different ideas i looked up a lot of stuff but still not sure i’ll see what happens. need to talk to dr. I want the least side effects - sure don’t want weight gain that’s why my primarey care said Celexa a long time ago actually - my mother took it without any weight gain.

who knows we are all individuals and react differently to everything.

not worried about sexual stuff - i’m already in menopause going nuts with that - i think whatever i take will help with the meno also.

just trying to think positive.


Jolivew - did you continue with the cymbalta or give up? just curious.