Cymbalta help, Colleen, Scott, anyone?

I have decided to give the Cymbalta a try. I have been given 30 mg capsules. Counted 260 odd grains in each capsule and have emptied 16 grains (one sixteenth of a capsule) into a vege capsule for 3 days and 32 grains (one eighth of a capsule) for the next 4 days, see how I get on.

Question is, what strength did you start on? My biggest fear is insomnia and the jitters. I already suffer from jitters and heart flutters many nights and severe insomnia. Do I take this in the morning or at night? I know that Colleen is on 20 mg, if you are there, Colleen, do you take it mornings or night?

Scott, I know you had bad time on this, cant remember what problems you had.

Any advice appreciated. After my other bad experiences, not happy trying this, feel like I am putting arsenic into my mouth :frowning:



HI there,

I started Cymbalta in the first week of Nov. Started at 10 mg…(got the 20 mg and dumped half) and then went to 30…40…and now 60. I was also on Ami at the time, so my sleep was being helped there. I did feel some initial tingly/amped up, but my good friend Klonopin was helping me. And my dose was gradual. I never was bad on it, and was able to get to the “therapeutic dose” of 60 mg. It has been helpful…I’ve been on 60 for about 4-5 weeks and I am feeling better than I have been in a long time. I still have occasional anxiety…mostly in the mornings. I used to sleep well and would wake up shaking with a racing heart/sweaty EVERY MORNING…I would have terrible anxiety for about 4 hours after waking and then around 10:00 am I would start to feel better. Now I wake up a little uncomfortable but once I get up and going I’m pretty good. I take occasional Klonopin (1/4 tab) if it’s particularly bad.

I have had some nights where sleep is an issue. I started melatonin at 3 mg nightly, I drink “bedtime” tea, by Yogi tea, and started a low dose of 5htp at 25 mg. That combo has helped a lot. I am hoping to titrate down on the Cymbalta, but am fearful of withdrawal etc…I, too, feel horrible about taking these meds. Fought it tooth and nail, but eventually gave in. It does feel good to have my life sorta back…my Dad is in town and in the last year he’s seen me 3x and says I’m 100x better and he’s so thankful to have his daughter back…with “pep in your step” and “sparkle in eyes”…his words…but I do feel more myself lately. Keep in mind that I’ve been on it 4 months and am now getting more normal. I think it takes the body a while to adjust. We hit those inital side effects, get freaked out, and don’t give it the full opportunity. Trust me I did this with Lexapro, Effexor, Remeron, Ami, Propranolol…for some reason I just got so sick of it I was willing to wait it out…desparation became my strength.

You can feel free to PM me anytime…glad to give any feedback to help out.


Hey Christine,

I really hope Cymbalta helps you. It has really made the biggest difference for me. My neuro started me right away on 20 mg. When I first started taking it (almost a year ago) I started taking it in the morning b/c it did make me somewhat jittery. But the jitters wore off after a few weeks. After that initial few weeks, I took it at night with no problem. I slept fine and felt good in the morning. If you already have insomnia issues, I would probably start taking it in the morning to start, just to see how you feel. I have stayed at 20 mg for almost a year and never needed to go any higher. I was very nervous to take any medication, because like most of us, I hated the side effects. But, this drug gave me my life back and I am thankful that I stuck with it. I wish you the best and really hope this helps you!!


Thanks Kelley, Colleen,

Lots of encouragement there. Not sure about the jitters etc. but maybe I can get some relief on a low dose.

Here goes then, off to take first pill. Honestly, you would think I was going in a spaceship to the moon, mind you, I think that would be preferable!


Hi Colleen,

Sorry for the late reply. I’m not a good person to ask about Cymbalta. I only lasted days on it. I felt really quite ill on it immediately and couldn’t function at work so it was added to the pile of duds for me.

Hope it goes well for you. It does work for others.

Scott :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes I have had mine filled for almost a month but as of yet have not gotten the nerve to start on it.

Anything so far Christine?

Hi Kelley,

Havent been as lucky as you I am afraid. I am so med sensitive, havent been good. No jitteriness or insomnia which is good, falling asleep, yawning late afternoon (even though I took it second day late at midday). Lot of nausea, nearly being sick and loud tinnitus, not the one for me I think.