Has anyone been on a first date with this condition? I know i can’t drink… i’m worried i’ll be shunned before i’ve got the chance to even let someone get to know me!

You’ll be fine! Do something that doesn’t involve getting drinks. Usually easier if you do a day date, get coffee, go for a walk, get dessert. Just tell them you don’t drink. If they have a problem with that, then they are jerks to begin with. I have dated people who don’t drink. Not a problem at all. When I’m feeling fine I can have a few drinks, but when my ears are acting up, forget it.

Lots of people don’t drink for various different reasons. It’s not a big deal

Good luck! You’ll be brilliant. xo

Yup – and now I’m engaged to her. Don’t worry about this crap illness. If he’s da man for you, he won’t care.

Good luck. Exciting times! :slight_smile:

Just tell him you don’t drink. Say you suffer from migraines and alcohol brings them on.
You will be fine. It wouldnt bother me in the slightest if someone didn’t drink. I would be happy with the fact that I have a dedicated driver :smiley:

Good luck WTC! xx

You’ll be fine. I met my current girlfriend while having MAV. She’s been one of the few people who has truly been there for me. If this dude is truly understanding…it shouldn’t matter too much. :smiley:

I usually say ‘oh I’m driving’. Its true what the others have said if he is any good then he won’t mind you don’t drink. Lots of luck to you.

Good luck WTC, let us know how it goes x

Statistically speaking, more people here have been on a last date while suffering from MAV!

Just kidding. This is a chance to start fresh, have a great time.

Not sure Whosthatchick was just referring to the drinking part but still … :lol:

I watched a TV programme the other night, two millionaires trying to find the right girl for them, one of those tacky programmes where all these gold diggers line up and the two millionaires choose the girls to date. (Tacky programme but I was bored and in need of light relief). There was one very attractive lady and because she was friendly and outgoing they both wanted to date her. They both had 10 minutes talking to her to start with, with the first one, she told him she had a longstanding eating disorder in the first 5 minutes, she told the second one that one of her parents had just died. Neither of them chose her again both saying it was too much information in the first meeting.

So yes, if you cant drink, that’s quite easy to get out of and nobody is going to care much one way or the other, but as for the MAV, I don’t think I would hit them with that in the first meeting. I would let them get to know the good happy fun qualities in you first, then hit them with the MAV crap a bit further down the line. At this point you may find he has something worse for you to put up with and you want to run :lol:

Christine :smiley:

Thanks guys. Keep you all posted! x

Christine, you sure she’s going for a millionaire?



Hahah great idea!

I couldn’t even go! Was so dizzy i couldn’t leave the couch, am waiting to reschedule but he’s gone a bit quiet :roll:

:lol: Sorry, that’s sort of funny and sad at the same time. Normally, they would say that if someone doesn’t contact you, for whatever reason, hes really not interested but seeing as you never even got on the first date I think it might be the reverse, he thinks you are not interested.

Maybe its time to tell him the truth, you haven’t got anything to lose now.


Christine, i know sods law doesn’t it! we shall see!