Day 1...wellbutrin

Hi all,

I took the plunge and took my first Wellbutrin at 7:45am today. I am extremely tired but that is because I have had a total of 5 hours of sleep in two days, and not much in the days prior to that. I awoke shakey at 2 am with dry heaving, diarrhea, nervous surges. I was eager to take the Wellbutrin in the morning. I cannot take this anxiety/depression any longer. I am exhausted from it.

My pharmacist says Wellbutrin is tolerated well. She says if it were to cause dizziness it would be in the first couple of days. She said this one usually does not cause drowsiness and if I do feel it, it is most likely my body starting to relax after being “wound so tight” for months. She says people start to notice some gradual improvement quickly on this one. She said 75mg is a low dose and it should help with both anxiety and depression.

You guys know how bad I am right now for me to take an antidepressant. This one maybe my new best friend. I need to start moving around today and doing stuff around the house. I have been laying around too much. I am usually a clean freak and lately…well…I just don’t have the energy to do anything.

I pray for me to get out of this “slump” soon. Oh…Hain reassured me today in an email that this is better tolerated than effexor but not real successful in mav treatment. But, mine seem to go hand in hand so to speak. Get rid of the depression/anxiety…get rid of the trigger that is triggering mav.


Did you ever try Celexa? It is supposed to be fairly easily tolerated and does’t interfere much with other meds. Been first line treatment for anxiety and other doctors rx
for first line migraine prophylaxis.
Just a thought…sorry if you have and I haven’t been up on your situation.
please keep us posted.