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Dealing with university

Hi everyone, I’m chloe. I’m currently 19 and studying drama and theatre at university.

I’ve had chronic vestibular migraines since I was 16 years and it has effected my life massively since.

If anyone has some tips on dealing with work on a daily basis and how to keep a positive out look on my work, would be a tremendous help. Also any tips on what to do on a daily basis to keep the migraines and vertigo at a minimum so I can continue having a full active and social lifestyle.

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Hey Chloe! I’m 19 years old too and am a university student so trust me when I know how hard it can be dealing with school and something like this at the same time (it’s something I am really struggling with right now). I’m glad to have found another person my age on here tbh (I’m sure theres others but I am new on here).

Things that help me is to continue to push myself to do things I would do normally like going to social events, going out to eat. Even though I could be feeling bad in those moments I don’t usually feel worse from going and they give me new positive memories to think about. Of course you have to listen to your gut and if you absolutely feel like you cant then don’t do it- just push yourself to the right limits. If you think one day you may have done it too hard take note of that and don’t do it again. I started meditation and I try to do x2/day. I like to do body scans and trying to focus on the parts of my body that DO feel steady (takes away from always focusing on the dizziness). Furthermore, I LOVE yoga and swimming.

On a daily basis I would say meditate, and light exercise (so maybe like quick yoga in your room from a youtube video).

I don’t know how your classes work but maybe you could drop one? I have recently dropped one of my classes to lighten the workload and get some more sleep. I thin it has helped a bit so far by providing me some relief.

You can always message me if you want to talk about coping ways to deal with this and university at the same time! We can work on it together


Hi Chloe, and welcome to the community. I’m not a student any more but studied in my twenties and know how big the workload can be. I didn’t have MAV then, I can imagine it’s challenging to study while so unwell.
Are you on any migraine preventative medication? How is that going?
In terms of advice, you could look up the technique called “pacing,” I posted a pdf about this (related to chronic fatigue, but the challenges of living with MAV are quite similar) on the website, you can search for it. The idea with pacing is to build in lots of breaks and rest into your day, so that you can still do things and achieve what you want to achieve, without making yourself more ill.
Also, have you spoken to a tutor or disability services at your university? They might be able to help you advocate for your needs, like arranged timetable etc.
Wish you all the best with your studies. :slightly_smiling_face:


@coco210, @annae00 my heart goes out to you guys dealing with this at uni.

A warm welcome to you both. Follow the protocol and the advice on here and hopefully things will be night and day a few months from now!

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Hi Chloe

Welcome to the club! I hope your course is going well. I work at a Creative University in Kent and I would say don’t be afraid to let your tutors know when you are struggling with MAV as you may be able to get an extension to assignment deadlines. The Student Services and Disability Support Staff are there to help you too so make sure you tap into their services. The SU are also very good at supporting students.
If you know your triggers try to avoid them if you have an important deadline coming up! Also as @annae00 has said yoga, swimming and meditation are all good for combating stress and anxiety.
Have a great autumn term! :slightly_smiling_face: Jan

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