Dehydration....How big a role?

How big a role do you think dehydration plays in this problem? Some mornings I feel dog rough and others not nearly as bad.
I’ve tried to pin it down to certain foods/sodium levels etc but I think it could be the amount of dehydration caused which does it more?

Case example: Had an Indian a couple of weeks ago and made sure I flooded myself with water, next morning not too bad.
Last night, repeated but with only a glass of water this time…sure enough this morning I feel like I’ve been out on the p*ss.

How do you guys find it?


Oh, yes.

If I head out without my water bottle, I’m schooling myself to turn back.

Dry is not something I can tough out, not without very definite consequences.


According to Carolyn Bernstein – author of the Migraine Brain – hydration is very important. She thinks it is more dehydration then alcohol itself for example that causes the bad head the next day for regular people and the hell on earth for a migraineur. If you think drowning yourself after an Indian sorts you out, keep doing it. If I drink any booze, which is only clear spirits these days or a few sips of white wine, I always have a water chaser with it and I seem to be OK.

Cheers … S

What about…Pint of lager - Pint of water- Pint of lager- Pint of water

…OK say you’ll spend the entire evening in the toilet but it may help the next day :?